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20 September 2016


Cairns (un)Regional Division 5 Councillor Richie "Master" Bates is arguably the most inept member of the already inept council.  A longtime union leader and ALP party leader, Bates checked his ethics at the door of the CRC chamber upon his election.  Division 5 is the location of almost all the development activities in the region but Bates continues to snooze as longterm parking problems are being cemented in-place by Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning.

Like the continual merry-go-round of faux public issues that occupy "Cueball" MacKenzie and his 300 radio listeners, once again apparently this week we're getting a faux analysis of the issue.

When Lake Street was reopened to traffic, merchants heralded the newfound traffic as their "business saviour".  This has proven to be NOT the case - as traffic volumes choke Lake Street with slow-moving cars attracted to the "free parking" in the centre island along with public buses, "impulse" merchants like the news agency and fast food restaurants are reporting DECLINES in their business.

Lake Street is now seen as a "no-go zone" for most.  And all caused by council ineptitude.

And because of the ineptitude of Richie Bates, it's about to get worse.  MUCH MUCH WORSE.

We're already seeing a shortage of carparks adjacent to the new Cairns Aquarium.  While primarily caused by tradies scooping up all the carparks at 6AM, this is only a harbinger of the area's future.  With a shortfall of perhaps 400 carparks during peak periods, the Cairns Aquarium was given project approval with no objection from Bates.  And just a block away from the new Cairns Civic Theatre, which was already 200+ carparks short.  And now a second term for the Manning Council which has built NO new parking facilities despite at least one being "shovel-ready" when they took office!

You can't make this shit up.

And with Central Queensland University now approaching full capacity at their Shields Street site, this area adjacent to the Esplanade is now fully choked with a parking shortfall.  And with Council turning a blind eye to the now endemic parking in loading and taxi-pickup zones, merchants on the Esplanade and copping it from both directions.

Bates meanwhile is a reliable "ZZZZZZZZZ" on any vote called by Bob Manning.  And Bates cleared a healthy $8250 in electoral donations OVER AND ABOVE the $5000 he was required to hand over to Manning and the Unity Team. A nice little earner for him, that's for sure.

Merchants in many of these areas of the CBD are in for a rude awakening as this huge parking shortfall fully hits in the upcoming year.

Meanwhile Cueball MacKenzie will dance around the reality of this issue for a day or two, and then return to another dog-whistle for his diminishing audience.  Fluoride, perhaps?



Anonymous said...

Awesome. Cairns and it's 1920's infrastructure which includes fucked traffic lights and shit timers now gets worse with extra car movements and parking spaces needed, yet remaining about 600 spaces short. That is a massive jam for a backwater hillbilly city like ours. As per the HBW article, people like Bates are in it for their own finacial gain. Councillors are useless. And even more so under LGMAQ Guidleines you virtually can't even approach these lazy trough dwellers any more. Why have them at all? Most get elected due to mates rates or because they favour the big money end of town, not because of business acumen or a decent skill set. Why not just dredge the port all the way back to Mooroobool and get rid of the whole festering prehistoric city.

Anonymous said...

When there are events on at Munro Martin parklands, the CBD becomes choked with cars and it is almost impossible to go to a restaurant for dinner. This must be having a negative impact on CBD restaurants; we gave up and went out of town to eat! Civic infrastructure MUST have provision for adequate parking; this Council is making very poor decisions and I wonder what the Planning staff are advising them? It's a real shame for Cairns.

shanghai said...

hear hear like always hbw your all over it like a oyster on a rock once upon a time unless if you have an attention span of a 5 year old we had a general bus stop there for everyone but under the wisdom of greater powers and wisdom of people who never use it aka the crc like the bat debacle get rid of it ! a dismal failure ! I cant double park any where there because their are are so many busy people in cairns doing something what I don't know but basically its a bloody schmoozel but it looks good

Anonymous said...

Not to be outdone by the CCC, airport, local infrastructure - now the hospital hits it's lowest former with the entire Board sacked and the hospital running at a loss even though Anastasia has pumped in more money;


Hillbillys and rednecks.

Anonymous said...

I am eagerly awaiting HBW's next report about Cairns shennanigans - Cameron's Dick giving the Cairns hospital board the arse. As with all things Cairns, our business leaders couldn't manage the task of topping up a printer. Are the words 'failure', 'dickheads', 'fucktards' and 'hillbilly' mandatory requirements to be a Cairns business leader? For fucks sake! Oh well, don't worry, once the economic firestorm happens post the USA elections we will really see who has the better skills. All the economic stars are aligned, it's just a matter of 'when', not 'if'. If these tossers can't balance a budget now then heaven help them once the economic collapse begins. Hey Shanghai, but precious metals bro! Al these other wankers will be bleeding financially and paper money will only be good for the bonfire! Even Sleepy Bobs precious superannuation fund will be raided along with every other Australians! Fun times ahead.

Alison Alloway said...

I'm disgusted (but not surprised) at the attitude of the Hospital Board in throwing a temperamental hissy fit, and standing down because (to quote one of them), the "Minister doesn't have confidence in us." (Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor little petals!)

We are getting used to seeing this type of precious, unprofessional behaviour in Australia. Witness the LNP being caught out receiving Rolex watches from a Chinese corporatist, so how did they explain it away? "Oh, we only accepted them because we thought they were fakes." Yeah, right.
What the Hospital Board SHOULD HAVE DONE, is to have offered a good explanation of the expected over-spend, and provided a detailed analysis of the costs. This is accountability and professionalism.
I did hear that the roll-out of Digital Hospital was causing problems. If this is one of the reasons for the over-spend, then why haven't the Board said something? This is something ALL people today can understand. We know all too well that with software systems there is hardly a situation where "one size fits all", so to speak.
As for parking in the CBD, well we had the chance with Val Schier's Entertainment Precinct which included a multi-storied car park on the site of the Australia Post building. (This now temporarily houses the Cairns Historical Society.)
However, we all know what John Mackenzie did with the Entertainment Precinct and how he fired up the Cairns residents to vote against it. The result? Cairns people themselves should share the blame for the lack of parking spaces.

shanghai said...

get used to it also theres more 2 lane streets going 1 lane at round abouts in the cbd cant wait for that dismal failure the aquarium to go live ...sorry pilgrims get on the blue bus or the green line light rail remember that ? if u want access to the cbd get used to it.

Observer said...

Damned if I will ever eat a meal in the CBD again. I went to one "Indian" restaurant one night which was so well patronised that people were standing in the doorway in a queue and as patrons left their table they were quickly filled up. It was literally, people in, people out, like a revolving door, the entire time I was there.
As for my meal, it was microwaved frozen vegetables, tossed with a packet sauce sitting on top of overcooked rice. I won't be back and I dare say neither will the hundreds of tourists who were going in and out.

Anonymous said...

Observer if it was the same one we went to in spence st .I know the feeling , worst lamb curry and rice ever.

Anonymous said...

You are spot on about the parking around the new Aquarium it's impossible to get a park with not only the tradies but the resort workers that park for free all day. The whole area should be 3 hour but Councils parking manager Helius Visser has refused to allow it. With Rydges about to start major building works it's only going to get worse.