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14 October 2016


A case in point.

Now being heavily promoted is the "Hillross Cairns Money Expo", a self-help event being promoted for next weekend at the Shangri-La Hotel.  

This "free" event has snagged Noel Whittaker as a headliner for the event, which is sponsored by Sydney-based financial advisor Hillross/Coral Coast Financial Planning, along with Channel 7 television.  Hillross is "fully owned by AMP" according the website replete with grammatical errors, and represented in Cairns by principals Craig Armstrong and Mark De Gregorio.

AMP has a history of flawed financial advice.

These kinds of financial planning workshops often end up
being replete with misinformation and strong-arm tactics.  We don't recommend anyone attend.

In typical Cairns style however, this event goes one step further into the gutter - being promoted and organised by General Manager James Gerard Callahan, of Kewarra Beach.

James Gerard Callahan and his wife Lynn were owners of the now wound-up financial advisor company Callahan Finserv Pty Ltd.  Callahan is shown on ASIC's "Banned and Disqualified" list as a "Banned Securities Representative".

And, Callahan is an undischarged BANKRUPT.

Really, you can't make this shit up.

So Hillross/AMP, Channel 7, and others have willingly tied themselves to an event led by a bankrupt and banned financial advisor.

Typical Cairns.  

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  A reader has pointed out that James Gerard Callahan became a "Banned Securities Representative" on the back of the infamous "Wattle Scandal", a Ponzi scheme wound up by ASIC in 2000 after defrauding over 3000 Australians.

And as another reader has pointed out, a similar scheme is run by another grossly unqualified local, Andrew Griffiths Enterprises Pty. Ltd., a self-help charlatan who assisted CEC Group and Chairman Warren Entsch by issuing misleading statements to the market as CEC crashed and burned.


the ponz said...

thanks HBW, is it called a "self help event" because if you get involved with any of these professional shonksters they will help themselves to your finances? Bet Bankrupt Bob Manning will be there. I recommend every unemployed person in Cairns should turn up and help themselves to any free food that's available.

Anonymous said...

Be interesting to know how many people turn up to these things.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the kind of event that Sleepy should attend, learn a few new shonky tricks to bring back to his shonky Council?

shanghai said...

about time you got off your phat arse do something hbw my moral compass was astray for 2 weeks fire up u phat fuck p.s. welcome back

Anonymous said...

I just checked ASIC HBW....Callahan got deprived of his licence to be a financial advisor in 2000 for 12 months...was involved with the infamous Wattle ponzi scheme.If he's still a bankrupt he can't be a financial advisor so how is he involved in this event?Shonky as....

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? you have a compass stuck up your fat arse, your all fired up with out morals. These pack off Cum Dunts would steal the seeds of a strawberry givin the chance. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Bet most exhibitors dont have a clue about the organisers. HBW you should alert them all.

TAS said...

'Buyer beware', or better still; 'a fool and his money are soon parted'. There are predatory jackals like this everywhere, and an unlimited number of fools are out there to be conned. Even if it were possible, there's no will to legislate against such.

Anonymous said...

Cairns is full of fools TAS.

Anonymous said...

Heard the Expo was a bit of a fizzer...very low numbers attended.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bankrupt Jim, who with Bankrupt wife Lynn, have been laying low in their daughter's spare room, has now been kicked into the doghouse out the back after being busted providing a little too much assistance and mentoring to one particular female in the Hillross Coral Coast office.

Anonymous said...

Better take down this last comment. It treads a very fine line regarding defamation. You have seven days to comply.