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16 October 2016


The Cairns Post this week could have been dated 2007 on the cover.  Or 1997.  Such are the issues in Cairns that other communities solve and file away, but never seem to get any solutions here.

"Taking on Fuel Giants":  How long have we all known that Cairns motorists pay the highest prices for petrol of any regional city in Australia?  We have a PORT where fuel is delivered by ship - closer to the refineries than any other regional city.  And yet we've been gouged for YEARS.  

"Iconic Croc's Home Has Fringe Benefits":  The continued adhoc plans (which don't rise to the word "strategy") continue to cause angst in the community.  

"Bill Fulton Bridge Works to Kick Off":  With two other inadequate two-lane bridges yet to get any attention, replacement of this one, cheap, low-set causeway-style bridge does NOTHING to relieve congestion.  But fortunately  it's just in time to allow Barron River MP Craig Crawford to pose for pictures for the cover of his next campaign brochure, in an effort to convince someone he's doing something. . . .

"Health's Check-Up Defeated":  A commonsense bill to do a process audit at the Cairns Base Hospital proposed by Cairns MP Rob Pyne failed to get legislative support.  The community continually has to deal with a hospital that is an inefficiently-designed hodgepodge of disparate buildings - a situation created 20+ years.  The last board who walked out were left with a hospital that was misplanned and misbudgeted by the previous board chair, (un)Sir Bob Norman, failed ice cream shop owner and ousted Chamber of Commerce president.

We are advised that the management system is so chaotic that over 60 mostly-new wheelchairs have gone missing in the last two years with orderlies quite often scouring the hallways looking for a spare to move a patient.

"Jab Gap Lets in Disease Danger":  While other areas of the country have come into compliance, Kuranda and other Far North communities continue to have vaccination rates on par with Bangladesh.  The Cairns Post gives voice to people like "Kim Stedman", owner of some naturopathic witch doctor business who boasts "she doesn't even vaccinate her dogs".  

This goes hand-in-hand with the lack of water fluoridation in Cairns water.  Don't write your anti-fluoride diatribes here, we won't publish them.  

"Setback for Casino Ambitions":  Fullshare Group (owners of the Sheraton Mirage) have withdrawn their plans to convert the Laguna Quays resort to a casino operation.  Does anyone anywhere still believe Tony Fung is doing anything in Cairns?  

"Pat Flanagan Appointed Project Director of Aquis":  Better to be made Captain of the Good Ship Lollypop.  How many engineers and architects would be employed in design and construction of ANYTHING at Aquis?  Anyone seen Flanagan Consulting Group grabbing up all the spare office space in Cairns?  Guess why . . .

"Emirates Flies Flag for Trips to Cairns":  Claiming they need a spot to park their Airbus 380 this is apparently the only thing stopping Emirates from adding Cairns to their route network.  

"19 Year Old Student Racially Abused by Cairns Local":  No surprise here.  Only difference is this one got reported.  

"Old Town Plan in Action":  Clifton Beach residents again cop it sweet as big developer shoves unwanted plan up their arse.  Local councillor Brett Olds casts only "NO" vote as reality of Manning Yes-man council sinks in.  

"Price is High for Lapping Up Paradise":  Research shows Port Douglas to be the most expensive holiday destination in Australia.  Any wonder we've still shown no growth in the tourism business?

Editorial by the Cairns Post's Townsville-based editor, high school graduate Julian Tomlinson, decries the fishing "green paper" claiming that "Australia imports most of its seafood".  While this is true, what he fails to mention is that Australia EXPORTS most of its locally caught seafood - including tons per day that get sent LIVE to places like Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Our own fishos prefer the big export prices to selling locally, and they're stripping our local fisheries in this quest for a dollar.  Stop the fishos from exporting Australian-caught seafood and watch our local prices plummet and quality go UP.  Sorry, too tough an argument for the Murdock press.

You can't make this shit up!

The big "celebration" coming up?  An event from 30 years ago where some creative blokes organised a world-record 100 water-skiers behind one boat, garnering Cairns world-wide attention.  Current leaders couldn't organise a piss-up in  a brewery, with most of these "marketing geniuses" dumb as a bag of hammers.  What happened to the Ukulele Festival?  The original creator got tired of all the work with no help from the Chamber, or Council, or anyone else so it's "taken a break" - an event that brought hundreds of domestic and international visitors.  Duh.

Then there are all the other local issues:  home insurances, with Cairns still paying 300-500% more than the rest of Australia and the do-nothing Warren Entsch impotent.  Electricity, North Queenslanders paying the HIGHEST per kilowatt in Australia and government happy to strip money from Ergon every year.  Local transport in shambles with now 10 years of "talk" on the obvious need for a free circulator bus in the CBD.  A "free" Council provided wifi service in the CBD that is so overloaded most can't use it anymore.  An obscene lack of car parks.  Buildings covered with graffiti, unpainted for years, with bicycles chained up to every immovable object in the CBD due to lack of bicycle parks.  Locals arrested with computers loaded with child porn given nonsensical suspended sentences and let back into the community with the Cairns Post "not naming" the offenders. 

And longtime residents were in full deja-vu mode this week when they saw a fatter, slower, grayer ex-Mayor Kevin Byrne waddling through the CBD, panting heavily in his new semi-retirement role of collecting more ratepayer cash via Advance Cairns.  Even he's got to walk more than 20 metres from his car to a meeting.  The mind reels. . .


And this is just one week in the Cairns Post.  If the leaders and community would actually SOLVE some of these problems, what in the world would they report?

Oh yeah, "Disgraced Reporter Tara Brown Splits from Hubby".  Now there's some NEWS!


Anonymous said...

The Compost posts the same shit for two reasons. First, nothing ever changes in Cairns because the local residents (fucktards) vote in the same dross who never do anything new, never fix any problems, never take us forward. And secondly the Compost is nothing more than a business that extracts advertising dollars, that being its primary goal. And then you have the presstitues running their biased stories on various issues based on the size if the brown paper bag they are given.

Mainstream media is shite

Don Stewart said...

I was trying to comment on f/b but no place to do it,,yet there is a comment there....wanted to ask you why you like ever else in FNQ are not concerned with who owns the water in Tinaroo Dam ,,,strange Bob & Pauline not asking for the Registery we were promised in 2013 For 19 years from 2005 the price of Permanent Allocation was $600 per Ml m,,now there are buyers at
$2100 and no sellers

Anonymous said...


What a negative, boring, pessimistic, defeatist, gloomy, gloom-ridden, cynical, bleak, fatalistic, dismissive, anti, antipathetic, uncooperative, obstructive; article HBW.

Try to be positive ...

How about the acquisition of the Court House Hotel?

Anonymous said...

There has been improvement in the post. The silly hype on projects that will never happen are largely gone and strange enough things seem to be picking up. Investors smell BS instantly and that is all they were fed via Chamber, Advance CP alliance for year after year. Now we get coverage that is more realistic. The nonsense over the ports, AQUIS , Pie Sky, climate change denial nutters and false claims were making the town look stupid and scary.

Even council seems like their collective iQ went up a few notches.

Plus new blood like 3 wolves will help no end. Even Kevin may have improved things, say what you will about him he can actually think. Even Brett Moller, again not my side of politics but has a brain and uses it. Before we had so many who just thought the same and said the same making all but one of them redundant.

Okay it ain't the New York Times but be grateful for small mercies. Some progess is happening albeit at snails pace.

Tony Hillier said...

The Compost has been irrelevant for many years. You cannot purport to be a fair dinkum newspaper without bona fide journos and editors.

Ken svay said...

Much of this true but tourist numbers up dramatically. Extra 500,000 domestic tourists last year alone. I used to wonder why they came and paid such high prices for everything. But one day in Bali lately at the beach showed me why. Bali shitty and dirty and not that cheap. The touts are incessant and far too many bogan Australians there.
Cairns despite being expensive is a beautiful place. But the local and federal government representatives are terrible, the insurance issue buried again by Entsch. Me excited about the Courthouse retuning to public hands and the mall and park work is terrific.
Now where is the 12 million lost with the council computer contract?

shanghai said...

and to top it off ....a muslim is going to be our next hotel savior fuck I laughed at all the hillbillies in the burbs frothy at the mouth mick at Brinsmead will do a gasket!! I only hope! petrodollars talk ...ask f.i.f.a.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was demolished years ago for another concrete monstrosity they call a hotels.

Anonymous said...

"Don't write your anti-fluoride diatribes here, we won't publish them."

That's right, no debate on this subject because HBW knows he would lose.

Same old same old, you're a joke.

Anonymous said...

YAWN is right. What a bitter old cunt.

Anonymous said...

Well Nick Dalton and the Compost just published another bullshit story on airport passenger numbers blah blah blah. What is nauseating is how embedded within that online article are adverts for Cairns airport parking. So you have an answer to the question of why all these bullshit articles are constantly being written promoting the crappy airport - it's all about the mighty crooked dollar! Shonks

Anonymous said...

No fluoride debate here! S-o-o-o, you revile censorship in the Post but alone determine what get's published in this online rag that purports to support freedom of information. I guess it was you that got appointed God of free opinion. Woops, I must have reading something worthwhile that day...

Anonymous said...

Well bit worried about the Alan Jones story. Is Citizen of the Reef the real deal or a way to get money from taxpayers for the boys?

Anonymous said...

There is always something wrong with arrival and departure numbers from the cairns airport when they say they are tourists or interstate visitors. I flew in and out of Cairns three times this year, that's 6 in and out on their statistics. I am not a tourist or interstate visitor so how many other of the numbers supplied to the media are like me. My daughter contributed 4 in and out flights, that makes 10 to their numbers. Talk about fiddling the books.