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25 October 2016


One of the big, long-term issues for Cairns is the "brain drain" of our talented young people. 

Cairns is blessed with a well-run and well-equipped university, James Cook.  Over 4,000 students attend the Cairns (Smithfield) campus, the majority from regions OTHER than Cairns.  

If Cairns was so desirable for these graduates, why don't they stay?  Despite Chancellor John Grey's assertion that "many graduates remain in the region", the reality is that the vast majority LEAVE.  Even those who received primary education in Cairns, and who's families reside here.

Even car wash mogul Paul Freebody has seen all his sons LEAVE.  Of course this may be more about Paul & Kim than a real "brain drain".  LOL

 A case in point:  Cairns Central has previously had a young, local, go-getter running the technical operations for Lend Lease, the owners.  His talents became widely known in the Lend Lease company, and management of Cairns Central were under pressure to pay him a higher wage - WHAT HE'S WORTH.  Sadly, they refused even after his marriage and arrival of his first child.  

He's now gone to Brisbane.   Leaving Cairns Central in the hands of morons. . . 

Recently Cairns Central began a project to "harden" the
access to the centre.  This has been an upgrade going on around Australia, and requires the installation of Type-1 barricades at the entrances to stop errant vehicles.

Cairns Central spent tens of thousands to undertake this work.

But apparently they've decided that it's all for show, as one can easily drive in an un-barricaded area and into the mall unimpeded.  

The Cairns-educated tech-ops manager driven away spotted the error a few weeks ago when he arrived to visit his (and his wife's) family.  

Despite a first-rate education being available in Cairns, the hollowing-out of our most talented young people leave us with the undereducated and worse.  A group so unemployable that businesses prefer the training merry-go-round of backpacker employees rather than hire the rest.

A long term problem that NO ONE is addressing.


Anonymous said...

Things aren't as black and white as you make out Hillbilly. Yes you can get higher wages in Brisbane and higher again in Sydney but you go buy a house there and see how much more money you will need to spend and how long it will take you to get to work.
I think most people live here for the lifestyle. I had a friend leave town chasing big money. Guess what. He is back in town again. The grass isn't always greener.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't McKenzie taking Warren Stentch to task about his election promise of jobs and growth. We know he is a fucken liar who has produced absolutely zilch in his 6 terms, except the DUI conviction, but Mckenzie needs to hold him to it and pull him on instead of allowing him to bullshit every time he comes on his show. Just ask him the fucken questions.