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16 November 2016


On our main tourism highway just across from the Cairns Airport is now the broken shell of the Cairns economic miracle.

The Fruit Bat.

Like the other fruit bats, this iconic veggie business stands cold, lifeless, and scrawled with graffiti - a testament to the failed Cairns economy and the Cairns (un)Regional Council.

Main Roads has refused to respond as to the status of the yearly lease for this site, but insiders report that the lease is now being paid secretly by the Jonsson (Farm Market) Family.  The Jonssons have long attempted to have the government cancel this lease - ever since they installed their own business selling farm products just a few hundred meters away.  When the public continued to patronise the Fruit Bat, finding their produce fresher and with many more local choices, the Jonssons attacked politically.

Oddly the Jonsson's lackluster business (built in an area without the proper Cairns Plan zoning thanks to the idiocy of Peter Tabulo) can operate only because of the piece of public land they've stolen for parking.  What used to be a nice grass-covered respite for travelers with caravans on the highway was usurped without any payment to the state and finally paved-over.  Illegally.

The Cairns Way.


Anonymous said...

When Jonsson revealed he was ready to clear another 5000 hectares of forest on the Tablelands I stopped going to the Farm Market. He's not interested in organics anyway, although there were some good local products.

Did he buy out the Fruit Bat so he could close it down?

Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Ex-CEO at Cairns Council, Peter Tabulo, who was also chief town planner, bent all the planning rules to allow the Johnsson supermarket in an Industrial zoned area. All with the usual car parking dramas you have previously reported on.

Also all the pristine, scenic wetland between the Fruit bat van and Johnssons place will be drained, filled in and developed under CRCs current plan.

Cairns is becoming an industrial scale visual disaster. No one will want to come and visit here.

Good riddance to Tabulo. But his festering henchmen zombies remain in the department of planning at CRC.

Anonymous said...

He told me that very little of their produce actually comes from up here? MAY DESERVE a closer look?

Anonymous said...

The local paper reports a man who couldn't manage his own business or pay its debts and a man who still believes in Aquis as the most influential in this city.

It's clear why the city is not seen as investment worthy by so many.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the sycophantic bullshit about Manning dished up in Saturday's Compost??? Who wrote this garbage! #1 citizen...really? The list of his failed civic projects was provided as evidence. Cairns is truly doomed without proper civic leadership.

Wendy said...

I haven't been into Johnssons since it first opened when I realised the fruit and veg are from the same source as the two big supermarkets, just more expensive. As an outlet for the Johnsson cattle farm, with the veg and a few groceries thrown in, it works as a butchery. That is the only true semi local farm produce in the whole barn. But where does the pork and lamb come from?
Johnsson is a true blue bully boy tory, mates with the LNP who now run the council and the Stenchy lot.
Pots and Ponds on Spence St Bungalow also use state government land, paying no rent, for their own uses, as does the security company along the same stretch. Pots and Ponds actually park huge containers of cheap imported pots to unload on the old railway state government land, then move them across busy Spence St with a forklift.

shanghai said...

what about the landscaping on airport dr just before the mangroves !or the cheverons the white plastic strips all the way to international terminal IF U COME HERE YOU MUST PAY FOR PARKING FUCK YOU VERY MUCH COME AGAIN yeah mate dream on...

Anonymous said...

Fool us once shame on you, fool us numerous times shame on us. Cairns is now a sespit of floating scum aligned with the LNP at a state and federal level. The so called power brokers and movers and shakers are all contributors to disUNITY, LNP and the biggest oxymoron Advance Cairns. All of these people are friends with the property developers that have blighted cairns for 15 years. What used to be a vibrant liveable city is now a crime ridden, congested, boring and dysfunctional city. Don't believe me take a trip to the CBD and north Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Well Cairns airports new CEO started today. Nothing noteworthy to report. He hasn't punted the deadwood yet, and I'm yet to hear any 'new routes' being advertised. But now that former CFO for Cairns airport and CFO CCC John Andrejeic has become CCC CEO and replaced Tabulo, maybe the Cairns airport CEO Maltman will jump across to CCC, and take a few other mangers with him? We can only wish.