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25 November 2016


The Cairns Post along with their parent newspaper Townsville Bulletin have silently entered the era of "paywall local journalism".  The vast majority of local news stories on the Cairns Post website are now marked with the "paywall" symbol.

This is a strategy that even the Murdoch-owned Sydney news.com.au has recoiled from implementing - with all the evidence pointing to massive subscriber losses when tried.

Compost insiders report that blowhard editor, Townsville-based Julian Tomlinson, has boasted that his formula "will make the papers hugely profitable".  The Tomlinson Paywall Strategy?  Strict management of what's "free" and what is "for pay".

A recent audit of the Cairns Post website shows the results of this strategy. . . 

Local Dental expert disputes Cairns Council plan?  PAY
Two Queensland women in Miss Universe pageant?  FREE
Local child safety overwhelmed and understaffed - PAY
Cairns helicopter shortage, high schools rated, Arakun residents told to go home, 
Schoolies targeted by brothel - PAY
New Bar opens in Reef Casino - FREE

The dumbing-down of the Cairns Post has gone high-tech.

You can't make this shit up.

Newscorp-owned papers in Maroochydore, Mackay, Rockhampton, and other regional communities have rejected the Tomlinson-driven strategy calling it "absurd", "ignorant", and "suicidal".  

And real estate agents are among the most vocal.  And it's not hard to see why.  Advertising in the Cairns Post for residential real estate is what "pays the bills".  While the size of the Saturday Real Estate insert is about the same as 10 years ago, the actual number of properties being advertised is down 42%.  Sellers are being strongarmed by estate agents into larger and more expensive ads that are seen by fewer and fewer people.  This online strategy by Tomlinson is only going to exacerbate the advertising collapse.  Will the Cairns Post continue to publish a "paper" newspaper on Saturdays when all the property sellers finally realise that most properties are now being sold online? 

One Edmonton-area estate agency has now formally begun advising new listings to skip the thousands demanded by the Cairns Post and instead buy "premium" listings online.  

Newspaper delivery workers have had informal discussions as the Cairns Post has dropped hints of "route consolidation".  Meaning fewer delivery jobs with longer hours and more driving.  And as actual newspaper subscribers start getting substandard service and later delivery times, the death spiral gains speed.

With adequate worldwide evidence that newspaper paywalls are a failure, this can only be a plan by Newscorp to eliminate local regional newspapers altogether.  Cairns Post insiders however believe that Julian Tomlinson is actually convinced he can do the impossible - and that it will be his ticket to higher positions within the Murdoch-owned press. 

It's only a matter of time before the Compost orders John  MacKenzie to STOP reading articles from the paper - a time-filler that uses up 45 minutes or so of Cueball's daily  program.

We have further information this week about a local federal MP caught wearing a brassiere by his shocked third wife, the antics of the mayor's lesbian daughter and bastard child, the new fraud investigations by QPS on the family of a former QLD MP who's running again in the next election, and the allegations by a Japanese backpacker renting a room in north Cairns against a local radio shock jock.  You'll need to pay for all of them, however.


Anonymous said...

I never listen to Mackenzie or read the cairns post as the bias is appalling but I am told by friends who used to read the post that they don't buy it any more because what ever news there is in the paper is read by Mackenzie to get someone......anyone to ring in and discuss it with him. As someone who never listens to or reads commercial tv or news papers I am pretty satisfied that my information I get is news and not gossip, rumours, celebrity worship or stories that are in fact paid advertisments made out to be news.

Anonymous said...

Who would pay to read anything the so called business reporter Nick Dalton writes. The guy is so far off the mark it's unbelievable and misses the real business news in favor of suck holes who beg to get their name in the paper thinking that it will make them look important.

Hamish Krint said...

And what garbage to 50 most influential people was! And you had to pay to see who they were!!!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately WIN news has continued to produce local news bulletins despite their change of affiliation to TEN. At least they don't stoop so low as to have 'opinion pieces' from a local shock jock has been like Channel 7 insists on doing. As for local ABC radio...from the way the Corporation is being gutted by the tories to help their mate Rupert, I can't see it being around for much longer.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? you like to wear brassieres as well. HaHaHa

Anonymous said...

The national paper " the Australian"-Murdoch, the Courier mail-Murdoch, the Cairns Post- Murdoch. I don't read the cairns post anymore, as you state it's filled with real estate stories masquerading as news and current affairs. The Murdoch press has done this with all its top shelf papers and now it's happening with the local rags. Rupert wants to have all subscribers using tablets not paper. That is his plan.

Anonymous said...

Tomlinson is of the ilk of Hanson, Christensen, Dutton. If you want to know why QLD lags the other states that is why. Cairns real estate should be twice what it is and unemployment 3 5. We tick every box except the brains one. Though Cp improved, no more fiction about this billion dollar job or that one.

Anonymous said...

Try my strategy - just go online to ABC news or Yahoo news for a free read! Occasionally I will head to The Australian. If something catches my eye but it is pay walled I simply take the title of that article, throw it into google and often find that same article online elsewhere anyway! Paying these crap newspapers to read their shitty articles, are you serious?

Mickwow said...

The Compost is good for starting campfires,wiping your arse orcleaning windows.The sooner Murdoch passes to the other side,the better this world will be.
I was an avid reader up until about 10 years ago,today i would not read it if i got it for free.A friend of mine read me parts of a racist rant from that manish looking Spilsbury(i think that is her name)about indigenous people upsetting her gallop along the Esplanade,maybe she should go back to Sarina where that dribble would be appreciated.

Tony Hillier said...

The Compost has been in a state of oblivion for a good few years now. If it disappears down its own self-dug sink hole, it will be no loss at all to the local community.

Anonymous said...

I bit the bullet and paid for a subscription, with weekend delivery of Weekend Post and Sunday Mail, only to have my subscription fully refunded a week later because delivery promise couldn't be met! They didn't even try to encourage me to keep the weekday subscription for electronic access!

Anonymous said...

It is true above, If you Google the article title you can often read it for free. This is because Google refuse to return search results on paid content. So then they will never ever be on Google results if searchers never get to read anything,. So I think they compromise and allow some to be read if accessed by Google search.

I also find many Murdoch article paywalled are the same article on news.com.au for free anyway.

Anonymous said...

We can find enough local news nowadays online or watching one of the TV stations. Real estate is advertised online as well and much easier to find than running out and buying a newspaper. Probably about the only thing the newspapers are good for these days are to see who has died.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to Macca.

You will get all the news and views you need including an impressive line up of federal and state politicians.

Mike said...

Whoever set up the wall failed dismally and amusingly. Amateurish effort.

Alison Alloway said...

The time of newspapers is coming to an end. I believe it has happened much more quickly here in Cairns, once the Post upped and moved to Townsville. That was in hindsight a pretty bad move. I find much more comprehensive news online. Television news is disappointing as it only provides tiny little sound bites and the TV presenters all sound like they have a lump of sputum stuck in their throats and a bad case of catarrh when they talk. Clear your throats out girls, and blow those noses, and maybe you might sound more pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Oh shit it must be about time Rob Pyne raced to the media screaming he's being bullied again and wiping his streaming eyes and snotty nose on the editor's sleeve.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to the post website since it started paywall. You would have to be a FKN idiot to subscribe to the nonsense that is now posted/printed in the cairns post. 20 years ago it was a good regional paper, now it's a mouth piece for the real estate industry.