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04 November 2016


 The last 20 or so years it often hasn't been easy to get a carpark in the Cairns CBD.  Merchants and their employees still hog the street parking and feed the meters instead of using city-built facilities.  "Free" unsightly carpark areas have sprung up on the edge of the CBD - so unwilling are city workers to pay for a carpark.

The shamozzle has only gotten worse under the regime of Bob "Sleepy" Manning.  With the do-nothing joke of a councillor Richie Bates and the now sacked Peter Tabulo at his side, the Council has approved projects that will cripple any chance of retailing in the CBD when built out.

Cairns Aquarium - carpark shortfall +250
Civic Theatre - carpark shortfall +450
Munro Martin Park - carpark shortfall +80 (peak usage:  350)
Nova Tower One - carpark shortfall +65

But it gets worse.

Owners of the Cairns Square project, Sunshine Coast-based Juniper, have proposed two additional floors on the top of this building.

And with the precedents set, they've proposed a REDUCTION in the current shortfall of carparks for the building!  And despite the building being occupied primarily by Central Queensland University, they also consider appropriate a REDUCTION in bicycle parking!

You can't make this shit up!

Currently, street parking around the building has become unusable for guests and customers due to the hours spaces are occupied by CQU staff and students.  

In their submission for a Development Approval, Juniper argues that the building should be rated using the "educational facility" car parking regulations.  This despite the fact that CQU is only a tenant in this building and have already signaled that they will eventually move into their own, purpose-built facility.

Leaving aside the fact that the current Cairns Plan requirements for car parking is hopelessly inadequate, Juniper cannot be allowed to turn the busiest tourism retail area in the city into a no-go zone.

And the idiocy of the Juniper proposal is stunning.  They count bicycle parking on the Esplanade and at the Lagoon as part of their "stock".  They count all the street parking (including that on the Esplanade, which has an active proposal to be closed off to traffic and parking altogether) as part of their "stock".

It's clear that the Manning Council will approve any old shitty proposal now from developers.  The rest of us be damned.  As Council, Chamber of Commerce, and other so-called "leaders" take an emergency meeting to implement the "Kevin Byrne Solution" to aboriginal people using the CBD, the biggest anti-social attack on business owners and tourists in Cairns is being done by the Mayor and his Council of syncopants, behind closed doors, to the benefit of only a few wealthy developers.


Anonymous said...

I did occasionally venture into the CBD. Previously I could locate a car park after some sight seeing. Now however it is impossible to find anything. The car parking spaces are secured by tradies getting in at 6:30am and shop workers a little later. People are staying away from the city because it is unworkable. We don't frequent the shops because it impossible to get any parking spaces- period. For a small regional city the CBD is a crisis area. All that money wasted on lake st, the Tobruk pool, Collins ave gardens and the civic theatre. The CRC is FKN joke. But no ones laughing.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? your still waiting for a statue of the only two people that do all the work in Carns, FMD and all they put up is a bicycle

Anonymous said...

Head out to the suburbs and see the same lack of council adherence. Try the Edge Hill precinct and the lack of parking provided by new developments such as the one on Pyne street which houses Noa and other businesses. The private carpark opposite is always full of their customers which must infuriate the businesses who pay rent for it located there.

Anonymous said...

I love the transformation that is happening in the CBD. I don't have any problems finding a car park when needed either. Council are doing a great job 👍🏼

the ponz said...

This is why 4WD vehicles are so popular in Cairns, so the owners can say they went OR when they are on their next Faceache adventure. Where are the parking cops? This council epitomises the current standard of civic leadership in our country, it reminds me of that movie "The Caterpillar", but ya gotta love the "Big Bondi Cigar" that Bankrupt Bob dropped on the cnr. of Sheridan and Mulgrave ha ha winner!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you think Cairns CBD parking is worse than any other city. It seems to be a product of development and progress rather than any flawed design at the hands of council. Show me a city that has excellent parking all day and year round, and I'll show you flying pig.

Tom Sawyer said...

There is no doubt that this Council has run down parking options and that there will soon be a crisis. Council's actions may, or may not, be linked to the fact that this Council gave Sole Supplier status for a $1.2M contract to one parking machine firm where other LGAs across the country receive 5, 6 or 7 tenders for the supply and service of such devices. The Green Train (within two terms, remember) was always a big lie. Now Cairns has the problem, the question is how do we fix the problem this Council have created? This Council hasn't a clue and can't be arsed thinking about it. I think the answer lies partly in an electric inner city bus loop, so that commuters can park on the perimeter and catch a cheap, clean, quick service around town. Oh, and a better council next time around.

Anonymous said...

Smithfield Shopping Centre is adding 4 cinemas at the moment!

Not one single extra car parking space added as a consequence of this development.

This is in a place that is almost 'parked-out' on Saturdays just because of shopping and the unrestrained urban growth in the Cairns northern beaches.

Where will people park .. On the Highway?

Please email or phone chief planners Kelly Reaston or Peter Boyd at Cairns Regional Council to find answers.

Anonymous said...

Not only does the redeveloped Munro Martin Park lack car parking for the 3500 seat entertainment facility, it also lacks just about everything else needed to put on a show - except for a concrete stage.
Note the dozens of dongas, marquees, portable toilets and containers littering the park for days around each event. Basic infrastructure such as lighting and sound equipment is bumped in and out each time.
You would think a simple calculation would have informed Bob as to how many toilets were needed for a public concert - his minions at Fogarty Park have a toilet ratio that they force upon venue hirers.
Maybe Bob just wanted to stick to his mantra of "smaller and cheaper". Unfortunately we end up with a facility that is a two dimensional cut out copy if the real thing.

shanghai said...

hey fatsos use public transport the green line and blue buses easy . changing attitudes is harder I guess ?

Observer said...

Let us not for one minute overlook how the problem is fuelled by the fact that over 90% of cars only ever carry the driver. Stand on Mulgrave Road and just watch for an hour or so and you can see for yourself. The Council could do what Brisbane and Sydney City Councils did some years back and bring in regulations on car pooling. Who knows, it might just result in a much friendlier city if people have to share their cars with others on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

For a CBD to be under-resourced for car parking has become a target rather than a problem. In order for development to be sustainable, car parks need to be discouraged and replaced with walking/cycling/bus facilities.

It's also wrong to combine the shortfalls in parking, particularly for things like theatres which will have guests at different times to things like office buildings.

Towns and suburbs should adhere to parking codes, but modern cities are mostly moving towards less and less parking spaces. To have enough parking spaces for all employees is not an efficient use of space in a Business District. Due to the constraints on access with access only from the north and South (east), Cairns is particularly constrained and would need to adopt PT/walking/cycling earlier than other cities of comparable size to remain viable.

Anonymous said...

Reason is the best planner that money can buy.

Anonymous said...

The Cairns car parking problems and road congestion are not a sign of development or progress. They are a result of very poor planning and compliance to planning and application protocols. When you can pay a fee to get your required car parking requirement taken out of your application it has flow on effects that are witnessed every single day in our city. The aquarium, the high rise apartments with 3 bedrooms but only one car park on premises, it fucken goes on and on. Manning is a retarted fuckwit who will leave a legacy of debt and un used white elephants. Look at Trobruk, the tennis centre, the fenced off Monroe Martin park. FFS. Somewhere a village is looking for its missing idiot, tell them he is mayor of Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Just say the driver's prayer when you head into the CBD:

"Hail Mary, Mother and Grace,
Help me find
A Parking Space."

Dunno why, but it does seem to work.