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28 December 2016


One of Cueball MacKenzie's "pet" issues is the existence of crocodiles in Far North Queensland.

MacKenzie's screeching and bleating on this issue is inexplicable to most in FNQ.  It's become a "litmus test" for local pollies even though the last MP from Barron River, Michael "Hide the Backhoe" Trout failed to put get a coherent policy out of the LNP.  And the screeching and bleating against the crocs is embraced by leadership at TTNQ and the Cairns Chamber of Commerce as well.

And while MacKenzie has feigned friendship with current Barron River MP Craig Crawford, MacKenzie has expressed disdain for him privately - just recently overheard in a CBD restaurant calling Crawford "The Dickhead from Barron River".  

In part, most of our tourist visitors have had little direct exposure to a crocodile.  Steve Irwin wrestled them on TV but we all know TV is exaggerated reality at best.  And much of the world thinks crocodile = alligator.  However the alligator is a relatively passive animal with little aggression towards humans.  So they must be the same, right? 

So the current promotion by MacKenzie and TTNQ for a new (to Cairns) tourism venture is puzzling, to say the least.

The company, called "Duck About Tours", has relocated their
DUKW (historically an amphibious truck) from Darwin (where co-existance between humans and crocodiles is well-managed) to Cairns.

So with MacKenzie railing daily against the "evil crocodiles" that inhabit Far North Queensland, he's now promoting "Ride the Happy Croc" with Duck About Tours!  Along with Tourism Tropical North Queensland and other leading tourism entities!

You can't make this shit up!

The "Duck About Tours" DUKW features a cartoonish-happy smiling crocodile emblazoned on the side of their coaches.

So can we assume when the next child is taken by a snarling, angry crocodile, John MacKenzie is happy to accept most of the blame?  After all he's taking money to promote the "Happy Smiling Croc" image to our unsuspecting tourists!  Perhaps next will be a "Crocodile Petting Zoo". . . .

Apparently the owners of Duck About Tours, Rod Rush and Paul Appleton, weren't aware of the ginned-up hostility against crocs in Cairns, and that their promoter John MacKenzie was Ground Zero for crocodile extinction. 

Perhaps Cr. Richie Bates will latch on to this issue and get the buses repainted with smiling flying foxes.  

Oh wait, we hate them too! 


shanghai said...

about time u wake from your slumber YOU SLACK FUCKER hbw yeah yeah the crocs yeah big deal 1 dead kiwi big deal what about road behavior ?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happenned to poor Cueball as a child? Why the intense hatred of an animal that has graced the North since well before white man arrived and built a city on the regions low laying water front? Was he molested by a crocodile? Did he meet a crocodile on Tinder and it denied him love?
What an obtuse bald headed rambling buffoon.

Anonymous said...

So Aquis has just announced it is now building its mega resort on the Gold Coast. We've gone from the casino to the hotel to nothing, thanks to the incompetence of our geriatric city "leaders". And does the Compost report this debacle?

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? you like to fuck dead Kiwi's, BTW motor vehicles kill thousands every year, maybe we should get rid of them too.

Ernie said...

Mackenzie is all about dollars, advertisers dollars, developers dollars, anyone who keeps his crap talkback going, he is disgusting, the construction industry needs him because they tell all the subbies to listen to him so as to have more voters for crap development in this region and the real people suffer, just ask kevin byrne he used this aresole to the extreme, then ask those who have lost many thousands of dollars on their property value because of byrne, now ask manning and james and the new ceo council and they will all tell you ( I do not know what you are talking about) wake up local residents your rate money is being squandered and Mackenzie is feeding from it.

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie is just a bore going over and over the same ole same ole same ole. I suspect he is really dead and 4CA just play the same ole same ole tapes over and over. Most of his listeners would have Alzheimer's so they would forget what was said the day before.

Observer said...

Good to see you back HBW. Thought you might have karked it there for a while. So what has 2017 in store for us all? If 2016 was a great "shitpile" as Helen Mirren said, then we can only hope 2017 is a little better. I guess the really big issue is what will happen in the USA with an erratic new POTUS and what the fallout will be for us here in Australia. My prediction is Trump will advance further the aims of neo-liberalism and a world government while deliberately stoking up hostilities towards China as the new "threat". This will place us like the ham in the proverbial sandwich with so much of Australia now under Chinese ownership, and our military and historic ties with the USA will likely be strained. I can't see around corners but I am predicting 2017 will be a lot worse than 2016.

Politically, Australia is entering an era of instability with more Australians feeling the sting of neo-liberalist policies, but not having any understanding whatsoever of what the ideology is about, so they are seeking Pied Pipers who promise to take them to the paradise of the "good old days". And there are plenty of charlatans around, spruiking how only THEY know all the answers, only THEY can save people, and only they "can keep the bastards honest." There isn't any in depth policies accompanying all this self-serving bluster, but Australians seem to fall for the self praise, shallow patter and slogans. The "snake oil salesmen" of politics are multiplying. In fact new political parties seem to be the greatest growth industry in the country at the moment. Students of political history might well be wondering how long it will take before a populist tyrant emerges.
Who can accurately guess? One thing is certain, we have sailed into very turbulent waters.

Anonymous said...

McKenzie is a disgraceful media whore, pudhing whatever topic is politically or financially profitable at the time. What is really hilarious is that he campaigned against the original project NBN for years, claiming it was a waste of money and just for people wanting to download movies( yes, that's how technically illiterate the fool is). So we ended up with Turnbull's disastrous system and now his phone system doesn't work most of the time, so his racist redneck fanboys have trouble calling in.

Anonymous said...

The biggest issue is shanghai's lack of education. He must be a 4CA caller in disguise.

Anonymous said...

McKenzie is a disgraceful media whore, pushing whatever topic is politically or financially profitable at the time. What is really hilarious is that he campaigned against the original NBN project for years, claiming it was a waste of money and just for people wanting to download movies( yes, that's how technically illiterate the fool is). So we ended up with Turnbull's disastrous system and now his phone system doesn't work most of the time, so his racist redneck fanboys have trouble calling in, incl. his hand-packed "expert" on foreign affairs and political correctness, the repulsive "Bill from Mt. Sheridan. Although married to an asian himself , Bill is a fanatical supporter of Pauline Hanson and Trump.

As for the comment about Aquis above. The only incompetents have been the Fungs themselves. Once it became known that a former Bjelke Pedersen government minister was involved (or so he kept bragging) I straight away thought that promises might have been made that could not be kept.Maybe he had forgotten that the "Minister for everything" was no longer around.

It is beyond belief that Terry James is still blaming "government red tape" for the Fungs' utter failure to put their money where their mouths were. While all the "business leaders" and other sycophants were busy clambering onto the Fungs bandwagon, it was already evident that the casino industry in places like Macau was collapsing.The worst thing about this whole fiasco is the amount of damage it has done to the local economy by putting so many other projects on hold. LNP politicians and councillors, a compliant media and our own loudmouth shock jock can take the credit for that.

Anonymous said...

Good comment Observer above. There is potential for China/USA "issues" and that will place us in an uncomfortable space. Trump hates that nation but China is smarter than he is so hopefully they will gain the upper hand like Putin has done so easily. And it is true the populism is bringing out the snake oil salesman and the talent nowhere to be seen. Not sure there is anything that can be done as we can see in Cairns from experience.

On the duck tours I see they are having a break to do paperwork, must some red tape they missed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 15:32 i recon he's Richard from Yarrabah. Hahha

Anonymous said...

I'm astonished that James is still trying to blame Australian governments for the failure of AQUIS to proceed. In every conversation I have heard around town, everyone understands it was the actions of the Chinese Government which quashed the building of Chinese casinos abroad because of fears of money laundering. It was a disgrace the way the local media machine handled the issue, without any in depth investigation or BALANCE to their reporting. Instead The Cairns Post turned into it into some sort of advertising campaign with STAR billing and insinuated again and again that it was a fait accomplait and Cairns would reap untold benefits. If they had bothered to investigate properly they would have found out themselves of the actions of the Chinese Government and what was happening in Macau.
James needs to change his tune on this one.

Anonymous said...

We aren't off to a good start are we for 2017? We now know that there was some interference in the American elections by Russia and that Trump and at least one member of his team are friendly with Russian oligarchs. This interference is yet another pointer in the demise of national sovereignty.

Here in Australia we see a deliberate flaunting of legal processes with the Centrelink debacle aimed at clawing back millions from the most impoverished in our community.
Legally, for a debt to be raised, there must be hard evidence. The LNP by using a data matching program only, have acted illegally.
Commonsense should also dictate that data matching programs need human input to check for errors. Data matching is not infallible.
Centrelink clients have been treated with utter contempt.

All up not a good start to the year.

Ken svay said...

I told people two years ago that AQUIS would never happen because the Chinese government was cracking down on stolen gambling money. Someon should have told Jamie Packer. I wish he was in a Chinese jail with his employees.