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30 January 2017


When Syrian born Muhammed Ghassan Aboud  (غسان عبود‎‎;) arrived in Australia in 2015, ASIS had already been briefed on his arrival and background by the American CIA.  Aboud has been on the US "Watch List" since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011.  

Aboud is a smooth talker and works hard to groom his public image.  However the core of his business interests is moving new cars into countries that have been blocked from normal auto trade - places like Syria, Iran, Libya, the "-Stan" countries, etc.  US Military sources have previously linked Land Cruisers and Utes that passed through Ghassan Aboud Cars on the DAESH battlefield in Syria and Iraq.  Why else would someone use a non-franchised car dealer to purchase a standard, off-the-shelf vehicle.  Even a "luxury" vehicle.  It's absurd on its face.

But Muhammed Ghassan Aboud's big expansion to Australia in 2015 was inexplicable - even selling vehicles to countries on UN Embargo lists isn't all that lucrative.  And yet Aboud is spreading cash around Australia now like crazy - and there have been significant questions raised about this cash having ties to the leadership of Syria and Bashar al-Assad.

Additional questions were raised this week when a major hotelier considering the GA Group project expansions in Australia discovered that despite his EU Passport, Muhammed Ghassan Aboud is NOT allowed entry into the United States.  It is believed this restriction has been in place even prior to the block on Syrians placed by President Donald Trump this week.  

And like David Fung before him, Cairns pollies are lined up to grease up the member of the latest wallet to show up in Cairns - despite the serious questions raised about Aboud's links to terrorism, and support for wealthy members of the  butcherous Syrian regime.  Aboud's PR machine is legendary - with his Orient Humanitarian Relief organisation often touted by him, but in fact run by Syrian Dr. Ammar Martini and his colleagues.  

Aboud goes to great pains to claim he does "not belong to any political parties or Syrian opposition coalitions".  However  Aboud operates an anti-Assad TV station in Dubai.  Questions about his links into the Syrian regime persist - the rumoured 30-40,000 cars per year can't pay for everything being bought in Australia by Aboud's company GA Group Pty. Ltd.  And the massive spend by the GA Group in Australia coincides with the increased involvement of the Russian government and Vladimir Putin in shoring-up the impotent al-Assad government.  

Despite some quick handshaking with the Australian Minister of Blogs & Twitter Warren Entsch, Aboud has mostly been the invisible hand guiding the Australian "Cutout" Managing Director, Mark Davie.  It's unclear how Mr. Davie's checkered history as a used car salesman qualifies him to manage the almost $100M real estate and hotel buildout for Mr. Aboud.   Insiders at Cairns (un)Regional Council have noted Mr. Davie's high level of development ignorance when meeting with the planners, so it looks like another corporate cutout has gotten past the ASIC wicket-keepers.

We understand that Entsch has been cautioned by ASIS staff via the Turnbull staff office.

With the Australian government now under Trump government pressure to adopt the travel ban on Syrian and other middle East peoples of the muslim faith, it's curious that the hardcore anti-muslim audience of John "Cueball" MacKenzie hasn't been fully informed on their new "economic saviour".  Cueball's silence on the issue along with his new MIWF Pauline Hanson is deafening.

Pass the chips, Pauline.  


Anonymous said...

After McKenzie's failed attempt to capitalise on the China airlines fiasco (it turned out that his mates at TTNQ knew about it for months, but decided to keep it a secret, so he quickly dropped the whole issue), it was back to crocodile scare mongering and law and order. Mckenzie has been saying for years now that inevitably any day now someone will be killed by a croc or a stolen car. it is almost wishful thinking. He then allowed bizarre conspiracy theories about Port Arthur to be aired and then the former One Nation candidate for Mulgrave had his say. I don't know of any party that attracts so many crackpots, but you won't hear a critical word from loudmouth. And who cares if the development money is dirty and where it comes from. We want to see cranes and development and bugger everything else.

Anonymous said...

TTNQ are the biggest joke around!!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't "Aboud operates an anti-Assad TV station in Dubai." read "Aboud operates a pro-Assad TV station in Dubai."??

Anonymous said...

What is his purpose in Australia? Why is he so keen to develop an empire here? If he was banned from entering the USA, and this was prior to Trump's latest ban against certain peoples, then why are we rolling out the red carpet to him?

Ken svay said...

Probably dirty Russian money routed through Cyprus. We had two rival Russian oligarchs in Sihanoukville Cambodia and they were given huge swathes of coastal land and islands. They built thousands of shophouses and apartments and a massive shopping centre but never put anything on the market.
Supposedly it was a money washing scam and they sold the property back to themselves. I would guess that there is billions of stolen Russian cash going into Syria.

Anonymous said...

This could be a a way to launder dodgy money from the Middle East. The Baathist regime in Syria sees our new arrival as a friend. That ought to get the alarm bells ringing.

Anonymous said...

Australia is so hungry for "foreign investment" now that we have privatised our most lucrative public assets like Telstra, or sold them off to foreign countries, that we are an open slather for all the worlds conmen, who would all know we are in financial straits. We had the dodgy Pakistani who was going to build massive towers in Spence Street, who was Byrne's mate, then we had Tony Fung, good mate of Gavin King and Trout, who was going to build one of the biggest casino resorts, and now we have the dodgy Indian, Adani, as well as this suspicious character from Syria. We are attracting them like maggots to dead flesh. Bah!

Anonymous said...

Wealthy Muslims are "good" Muslims, didn't you know? Even Pauline would bat her eyelashes at Aboud.