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06 January 2017


The Cairns community is starting to understand - Cairns does NOT have a local newspaper anymore.  First the printing of the Cairns Post was moved to Townsville.  Then the editorial decisions.  All that's left in Cairns is a few stringers, an on-call photographer, and several staff to take classified ads from the Chinese hooker pimps (using pictures stolen from the internet).

The "editor" is one Julian Tomlinson - who's only
"qualifications" for the job is being the poorly-educated son of a LNP operative.

So Tomlinson this week goes on the warpath against the regulation of the offshore fishing - despite the fact that these reasonable regulations have been supported by ALP, LNP, and Green parties in various forms.

In fact fishing take in North Queensland is not much different than 20 years ago.  Fewer fishing boats to be sure, but the industry was not sustainable with all the small boats that existed then.  Changes to the fishing rules have meant better, sustainable businesses for the lesser number of fishos.

One of the biggest changes that Tomlinson ignores is the decision by many Australian fishers to export the live catch to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and China.  This live fish export business didn't exist 20 years ago and the fishos can command far higher prices from these markets then they can sell to us.  

The local fish have disappeared from the markets because we won't pay that much.  If a Trumpian solution were imposed (taxing the fishos 30% on the export of Australian fish), we'd see them back in the shops quick smart.

In the Tomlinson telling of the story however, he tells
baldfaced lies to support his campaign to extinguish the green zone system.  Tomlinson claims that Thailand has a fishable area "85% the size of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park", but takes "1000% more seafood".  Having us believe that Thailand has on their shores the biblical "loaves and fishes", and we should fish like this too.

It's a fucking lie.  A real journalist would know he couldn't slip this one past the goalie.

It's true, Thailand exports vast amounts of seafood.  FARMED seafood. For the Thais, you see, have actually made INVESTMENTS in this primary industry, in order to feed their people and, yes, brain-dead Australians.  WE let our fishos get fat and greedy by exporting our wild caught fish, and we all get to buy "frozen and defrosted" farmed fish - usually by Thailand - at prices we're apparently prepared to pay.  Even the Jonsson's Farm Market is filled with farmed and imported seafood.  

Who's the stupid ones here?  Get a mirror - it's us.

In fact, the live export of OUR fish to ELSEWHERE has
become a big business, not just for the fishos who do it but the company that designs and builds the technology that allows them to make these long flights.  Fishpac, a Victorian company, supplies the cargo flights on Cathay Pacific, Jetstar, and Qantas that is killing the fresh seafood business for Australian families.  Note the Fishpac brochure is available in English, and conveniently, in Chinese.  Wonder why?

Exporting raw materials is one thing.  Exporting our high-quality FOOD so that WE are only offered much lower quality food to replace it, is just wrong.  

The fishos have long used the Minister for Blogs, Warren Entsch, to protect the lucrative live fish export business for a few unAustralian fishos.  With big money to be pocketed, Entsch has supported the cutback in fishing boats while making sure lucrative "get out of the business" compensation is paid to his friends.  What has Entsch done to protect the average Cairns battler from the insurance gouge, the petrol gouge, the deteriorating road network, the investment in infrastructure so vital to Cairns' growth?

Nothing.  You can't make this shit up!

The Tomlinson editorial smacks of local LNP protection of the Crooked Entsch.  Tax incentives and some government startup funds could see Australia establish "world-class" sustainable fish farming.  A 30% or 40% tax on live fish exports would put a stop to a few fishos getting rich on the backs of the Australian consumer.

What will Crooked Warren do?  What he always does - NOT A DAMN THING!


Anonymous said...

The problem is Entsch. He has achieved nothing in his six terms as the faux representative for Leichardt. He does not advocate for the citizens of the electorate only for his business mates. Not once have I heard him raise the issues of fuel price rip offs, insurance gouging or the woeful state of the FNQ economy on the floor of parliament. He gives all his attention to gay marriage and medical marijuana, important to some but not the priorities we need addressed. He is fucken hopeless, don't believe me? Tell me anything he's achieved for the electorate? Something, anything. Nothing thought so.

Anonymous said...

He feels very strongly that he has a right to make up climate change " facts" so being part of the fake news brigade he is best avoided.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? Waiting in anticipation for Shanghai's comment.

Anonymous said...

You get what you vote for. I couldn't agree more - Entsch is as useful as a full colostomy bag. However the only reason for us having to endure this lazy, bloated, non-performing so called political leader is because the local fucktards vote him in OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Until the chromosome deficient NQ inbreds wake up from their half century slumber and realise how much they are being screwed, ripped off and taken advantage of politically things will NEVER change!

Anonymous said...

The Compost articles are total crap. They make stories out of nothing! The two recent articles regarding Cairns airport's new CEO goes to show how the Compost and Cairns airport are totally stupid. One article mentioned how the federal government has made 1 billion dollars available for infrastructure development and that Norris Carter said that NQA has 'yet to apply' for any of the funds. Now this is all true by the way, however at no stage did the article question Norris Carter in depth as to 'why' NQA aren't applying for funds? Wouldn't a prudent company try to grab as many available funds as possible? Or is it because the CEO and former Acting CEO have no idea how to run an airport including applying for Government funds? What a joke. A complete missed opportunity so far.
And the other article praised Norris Carter because he has an engineering degree! Big fucking deal. He is the same as Kevin Brown - both have electrical engineering degrees, both are young and both of them first became a CEO at Cairns airport. It's a pattern though with J.P Morgan. They groom young managers, let them loose on shitty businesses to cut their teeth, then promote them to a big organisation of real value. It was slightly different with Brown as they didn't want to keep their conceited Scottish apprentice, however if they had kept him he would've been sent to a bigger company. Cairns airport keeps getting the dregs, thanks to the strategists at the big corporate hedge fund. The same article discussed how Norris an his 'partner' have settled into the Cairns lifestyle. Of course he has, on $500k per year excluding bonuses, I bet that he has settled in with his 'partner', the poodles and his leopard skin floor rugs. Another ex Qantas trough dweller seeking easy money and doing as little as possible to earn it. But then again so is his ex Qantas mate Colin Storie who is on the NQA Board. Mates rates you think? Surely not at Cairns airport.
It will be a miracle if Carter achieves any wins while the same management team remain at both Cairns and Mackay airports, the same managers that have been there for far too many years.

Ken svay said...

Fish farming is very destructive for the environment. One only has to go to Thailand and Vietnam to see the damage done.