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30 January 2017


Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne, a former mayor of Cairns deposed by (horrors!!!) a woman, Val Schier, rejoined the Cairns "leadership" (cough, cough) after his failed stint with an American oil company in PNG.

Kevin Byrne has elbowed his way into a "leadership" role at Advance Cairns, a nice little earner for him - with no actual way to figure out what the hell he's actually doing.  And in typical Byrne-bully style, he's now been overheard angling to undermine chair Trent Twomey.  Byrne is not one to take direction from ANYONE.  Often seen panting and huffing from his car into a meeting here and there, Byrne was asked for his expertise and guidance this morning on growing the export of fruit/veg/dairy from Cairns to Asia.

The Jonsson Farm Market Crook followed Byrne pointing out that the farmers aren't the ones to identify markets and customers, ADVANCE CAIRNS is supposed to be doing that.  Byrne has been junketing to China and other destinations in Asia for DECADES, with nothing to show for it.  

The level of Byrne's ignorance is encapsulated in his whinge - "why are the Chinese buying milk from Victoria and Tasmania, when they could be buying it from us"??

You can't make this shit up.

We Kevvy, if you had bothered to check you'd know the
reason for the Chinese planeloads of dairy products from Victoria and Tasmania - THEY OWN THE FUCKING DAIRIES!

Why would they buy from the pissant dairy production in North Queensland?  All of Queensland produces barely 400 million litres of milk per year, Victoria - 6,180m litres per year. And Victoria has DOUBLED their dairy production with the same size herds by implemented a proper investment strategy.  Queensland?  Well, the Malanda farmers are still driving Mercs.   

Get a grip, Kevin.  Your continued laziness is all to evident to the Cairns populace.  The reason Val Schier was able to shitcan your arse so handily.


CBD Warrior said...

Even more absurd was the comment from a "regular caller", who said Anthony Mundine wouldn't be anything without all the opportunities given to him by "white" Australia.

Perhaps Mundine should be sent the guy's home address. And MacKenzie's, too.

Anonymous said...

Cairns is a breeding ground for long term incompetents. Byrne fits the mould perfectly. Him, along with Sleepy Bob, Andrejeic, Hand'cock, Entsche, it just never ends, decades of lazy, useless sub-standard individuals who couldn't get a job sweeping up old fries and cockroaches on the Macca's night shift crew anywhere else but Cairns. Useless deadwood that is worth its weight in faecal matter.

Ernie said...

And the biggest joke announcement today is stench appointing three stooges Ireland,twomey handcock, more getting paid taxpayers dollars for nothing, look after your mates and rip off this community.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of aging leaders one does not have to look to far to see Mayor Manning and the serious issues of corruption and gross mismanagement of rate monies.
Example 1: Another out of court settlement for sexual misconduct on a council employee by a well known councillor who has a track record of deviate behaviour. Its actually not the first time an out of court settlement has been negotiated and neatly left out of the public eye thanks to confidentiality clauses. I'm sure Councillor Richardson & Councillor Cooper are very proud to be associated with this very professionally run Council.

Example 2: Roy Thorpe (RIP) was a very experienced and intelligent employee of the CRC. He knew the value of keeping local companies on the PSA (Preferred Suppliers Agreement) and the benefits it had not only locally but also for the council.
When he recently passed away the vultures swooped and the old handshake deals under the table began.
It came as no surprise when (and this is only one example) GVA Concreters (with a well documented poor OH&S record and poor Standard of Service) were given number 1 on the list for the whole region!!!
That's Correct. Any concreting work in any area of the CRC has to be given to GVA as first choice. That's millions of dollars going to one company.....
Rumour has it that cash kickbacks are flourishing for certain employees of the CRC.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 21:07 it's not just the CRC that has dodgy deals on, all the qld state government departments are doing it. Main roads have diggers on permanent hire, that are seldom used, from mates of the boss, they are all FKN doing it. We are getting bent over.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Byrne is a reflection on the shallow gene pool that is the swamp of Cairns. The usual suspects are all shoe horned into positions of influence by jobs for the boys. These people are the cause of the poor condition of the regional economy, they have been in power and influence for decades.

Anonymous said...

yet still he is the best of the lot of them. Not hard I suppose,

Anonymous said...

The problem is that they choose one another through being on panels for key roles; or even worse, just directly appoint their cronies without any proper process (eg Manning's appointment of Council CEOs).

Anonymous said...

We have another LNP cabal sitting in the studio today incl. Trouty with all his fantastic ideas that worked so well last time. They are now having a whinge fest about crocodiles. The LNP is going to fix it all and solve juvenile crime in the process. That's after another long winded whinge by Linda T. ( a failed investment advisor) who specialises in talking down the local economy. Apparently her real estate business is in the doldrums because the Inlet is not being dredged. Strangely enough, most other real estate business in town seemed to be booming. Strangely enough no one mentioned Aquis. You know that pie-in-th- sky project that Trouty wasted his entire stint in parliament on..

Anonymous said...

Apart from the usual issues of having stupid old incompetent farts running Council and local businesses, the QLD governments sale of the airport to investment sharks has done untold damage to the region. Ever since J.P Morgan, Hastings and Aukland airport bought the airport it has rolled backwards. Scottish tight arse Kevin Brown under instructions from a bonus hungry Board refused to spend on infrastructure and now we have a useless domestic terminal that you walk a mile through in the humidity and rain to get on a plane. You have a grotesque old, stale international terminal that looks like it is something right out of the 1960's era of free love and cheap drugs. Compare it to Singapore or Dubai, real airports, and spot the difference. All the Board does is gouge gouge and gouge on car park, rental and tennent fees, while providing no improvements whatsoever. And now we have yet another person from the same Board as CEO of the airport. Will anything change? I doubt it. Same plans to chase the Chinese dream, same useless management team that can't get a job anywhere else but the boondocks of redneck Cairns, the same 'big talk' but deliver nothing as Carter enters his third month at the helm. The same bullshit dressed up in a different coloured package.

Nothing will change - the same smoke and mirrors, the same infrastructure issues (leaking terminals, outdated decore, leaking fuel pipes and failing taxiways), same incompetents running the place, same promises and fantasies with no actual delivery or outcomes, same bloated management salties and corporate bonuses which are the managements focus, same cesspool and poor culture that Haggis Brown left behind while the batton is handed to another Scrooge and money hungry kid in his 40's to manage. What a fucking joke.

Until the brain dead fucktards of Cairns start voting, demanding, forcing change, nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

The plague of mosquitoes that attack people waiting to depart or waiting for arrivals at the airport is a health issue. Can't they afford to spray out the place occasionally?

Ernie said...

ABC this morning Keir Shorey went to great lengths to explain what happened re the china air charter, this wanker opposition tourism fella and marino would have no part of the fact that TTNQ had explained what took place and kept doing their stupid mantra blame Jones, if this lnp mob cant do better with the candidates marino and trout then they will not be around for long, they have nothing to offer cairns other than their hotspot on muccas talk back with their crap lets blame the gov because we don't know what we are doing. go away you mob of clowns.

Anonymous said...

So the airport had Manning running it - into the ground.
Then the airport had the arrogant and conceited Scotsman Brown running it - into the ground.
Now we've got a dung-puncher from NZ running it - most likely into the ground.
I mean come on, what did we ever do to deserve this? Surely somebody is taking the piss?

Ken svay said...

The Deep North is certainly a haven for corrupt crooks and rent seekers. But the dozy electorate and citizens keep supporting these bastards so what can be done?

Observer said...

"Dozy electorate" is a good enough description. I see where Pauline Pantsdown (she's had them down many times over the decades. Looking at her string of relationships, she's obviously a woman who can't manage without a man for too long) and her One Notion party look like doing a deal with mad Katters Party in Queensland. The LNP want to as well and Campbell Newman has already had some satisfying talks with Pantsdown. So at our next State Election we will face a combined front of LNP/OneNation/KAP against the ALP. I can only surmise our man in Cairns will point his wheelchair where the strength is, right at the LNP/OneNation/KAP alliance.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Chinese festival on grafton street. Hardly any Chinese there. Even the performers weren't Chinese. What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Byrne is deluded enough to think he is a special to run for the seat of Cairns as an independent.
Word is Twomey is working to get him sacked as Advance Cairns CEO.
He's apparently pissed most afternoons & drives home with a skin full.

Anonymous said...

What makes me laugh is we pay through the nose for electricity and insurance because of our location, then we have the sheer arigance of bankrupt Bob charging us a fortune for water. The place has gone mad.The one thing that we usually have plenty of and our own mayor bends us over for it.

An Old Soldier with a Memory... said...

LOL! I remember beating Kevvy with an M40 Grenade shot,not once but 3 times into a full 200 litres barrel of water on the range. After he made a smart mouth challenge to me to try and put me down in front of troops as a fellow officer. He forgot that I had just won the Qld Skeet Championship in my Grade at Cairns Gun Club. He doubled me up or nothing 3 times for a few slabs for the troops. He ended up owing 16 slabs for the soldiers's mess and he never paid his dues. Old adage...never screw people on the way up because they will screw you back down the track. Oh! Kevvy with his Kensington degree! And this shit can't be made up either!