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25 January 2017


The "big announcement" made in Cairns yesterday was the arrival of limited, e-commerce service from Swedish furniture retailer Ikea.

Clearly Cairns is too small to support a giant furniture operation like Ikea.  But Ikea has discovered how weak the taxation system is in Australia and are now planning to milk this cash cow for all its worth. Why invest in bricks and mortar when you can strip sales out of Cairns, Townsville, and other regional cities with virtually no investment?

Last year, Ikea booked almost $1Billion in sales.  (John MacKenzie thinks it sounds more impressive if we call it "1 thousand million", but he's an idiot).  

$1Billion.  And Ikea paid a total of $10.7MILLION in tax.  About 1%.


So Chamber of Fools CEO Deb Hancock bleats 'we should get our own store so we can increase jobs'.  Hancock, with zero in successful business experience, regularly shoots off her mouth without engaging a brain.  She's completely ignored the likely result of the Ikea announcement.  ALL the other shops in town that sell shitty, cheap furniture will need to make staff redundancies and many will likely close.  Super A-Mart, Freedom, VIP - all will likely take a header when Ikea begins servicing Cairns.  Sure, Ikea has no "service", but neither do these other locals.  And Ikea is 50% cheaper.  Say goodbye to more jobs.

Then we've heard about the massive investment made in this year's Chinese New Year's celebration - you know, the one WITHOUT Chinese tourists.  Lots of people knew the flights were cancelled, but that didn't stop Sleepy Manning and his layabouts from dropping big $$$ into the failed fete.  

Finally, you can't beat the story about a young mother, appropriately named Cindy BOGAN, who complains bitterly that school supplies for her little rugrats cost her almost $200 EACH.  She bemoans the discontinuation of the School Children Bonus Scheme bitching that the government should be paying for her little car thieves in training.  

These child welfare schemes were part of the orgy of spending done under PM Kevin Gillard.  It's no wonder kids are bagging over 2 cars a day now in Cairns - with parents who think the government should be raising them.  What happened to "paying for your own kids"?  Sounds like we've got a spoiled generation of millennial parents who need a little tough love.


Anonymous said...

McKenzie has toned down significantly on the Chinese charter flights issue now it has become known that his local business pals are so incompetent that somehow they missed out on obtaining this information. So all that was left was a pathetic attempt to blame it all on these evil people Down South . He even tried to insinuate that the ALP government had kept poor old Cairns in the dark on purpose. How come the many illustrious business leaders and tourism organisations in Cairns were unable to find out about this? Apparently Cairns Airport knew for months. Luckily he could divert the attention from this debacle by stirring up some hysterical outbursts about people who may be planinng to burn an Australian flag somewhere tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Spot on HBW. Deb Hancock has not a clue, if she has nothing to do with it, it's a disaster, if she has something to do with it, it's a bigger disaster. if I was paying good money to the chamber I would want a better return on it than what this dill provides. The dunce hat was too kind.

Anonymous said...

HB it was not only Kevin Rudd that threw money around like it was confetti, Howard and Costello like to grease the voters palms at election time too, but Rudd and Gillard were by far the worse. Look at the national accounts all sides of politics are just as bad. As for Cindy Bogan, she is a product of entitlement. Her only talent is to bred more bogans and expect to put her hand into other people's pay packets to pay for the raising of her children. But that's what many people are like. My grandad was one of 11 children whose parents didn't get a cracker from the government because it was not expected or demanded. If you had children you paid for them yourself. Why should anyone else have to contribute to the raising of some one else's children. FFS you don't need to make this shit up because it's real.

Jim of the Jungle said...

And a side benefit from Ikea is getting rid of the ripoff places like Super A-Mart and VIP. Ikea is cheaply built furniture just like those places, but at least Ikea charges a reasonable price for it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, good old IKEA, another corporation allowed to extract money from Australia without putting anything back into the bucket. Sydney airport corporation is another one that earns one thousand million dollars per year profit without paying tax (Cueball now has a hard-on and Kevin Brown would sell his mum and high heels for some of those juicy tax free airport profits). Then you have Gina Swinehart and her mining empire, and in general the richest corporations paying less tax than an Australian fruit picker on the Tablelands. As for Deb Hand'cock, she shouldn't be working in any position that has the word 'business' in the title, she is indeed a fool. And finally, Sleepy and his cronies spending big bucks on Chinese celebrations while at the same time the amazing Cairns airport twats can't get any flights to bring them here for the celebrations. Gold! Perhaps Norris Carter and his team of monkeys can win a contract at least once in 2017? As for Miss Bogan with the 10 kids whinging about $200 school fees, I have this to say; 'Bitch, you probably earn roughly that much money per day in taxpayer funded entitlements for raising all those little sprogs that you have had to different fathers. How about you keep your legs together, stop smoking 2 packs of Winnie Blue's every day, stop buying video games for your mutants and stop buying dozens of casks of wine every week. Then you can afford the school fees, you complete and utter fool. Or maybe you can make an extra $0.50 per night giving gummies on a Mooroobool street corner?' Cairns - the city of fucktards, incompetents and car thieves. Gotta love it.

Ken svay said...

Sorry Hillbilly but your bias is showing. Dont criticise others for fake news and then spread it yourself.
Howard and Costello introduced baby bonuses and Family tax A and B when we had huge supluses. I understand the system now having inherited two kids and its nearly $20,000 a year for the pair of them from the family tax benefits!
No wonder the poor drink and smoke and buy big TVs from Harvey Norman!

shanghai said...

congrats straya we are $1 trillion in debt that's $1,ooo billion in debt isn't it ? in cue ball speak sorry I don't have that many toes.what a mess we are in.

Anonymous said...

Normal for the stupid business leaders in this town to blame the south, or the ALP, or greenies. They screw up, run to the post and make up stories about how they have been screwed when it basically their own incompetence. Same old same old. Weak and we keep them, that idiot on the radio has done so much damage to this town and what good has he done? No good at all. no positive achievements. None. Yet keeps getting advertiser dollars.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? you have a trillion in supanne and your toe nails need cutting.

Anonymous said...

Julians Compost is reporting huge freight opportunities for Cairns airport! Is that because it has been mentioned on HBW? Kevin Brown and his muppets didn't want to chase freight opportunities. Has something changed suddenly? The opportunity has been there for years, it's just that Cairns airport CEO and Commercial people were too stupid to chase it.