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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

09 January 2017


4CA's John "Cueball" MacKenzie has about 20 callers who are his "regulars".  Well they're not actually "callers", as Cueball and his sidekick, failed solicitor Murray, tee-up these regulars as they require for the theme of the day.

The theme of the day is the usual handful of topics:  Petrol overcharges, insurance rort, aural fellation of Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning, the itinerant drunks, the "communities", kill the crocodiles, and dredge the port.

A self-described engineer, Peter Senior of Redlynch, is the go-to "expert" on the port dredging.

HBW readers have written in previously to describe the putridness of Peter Senior's claims of being a "highly experienced engineer" with a degree from Cambridge.  One reader, principal at a local multi-disciplinary engineering design consultancy, lamented the bullshit and outright lies spewing from Peter Senior on these port dredging discussions.

Peter Senior is no where to be found on the Board of Professional Engineers in Queensland, and Australia.  Under the professional engineers act, it would be illegal for Senior to be operating or claiming engineering competence.

Senior claims to be proprietor of "Senior Consulting", however ASIC has no such registration for him.  He also claims to be operating as "Better-Management.Org".  Nope, no ASIC registration for THIS either.  Apparently Senior is just another kiwi who's come to rort off the hardworking Australian taxpayer and duck any income tax he might owe for his 'consulting work'.    

Such is the level of MacKenzie due diligence.  You can't make this shit up.

Well so today the Compost has a feature story about poor old Peter Senior.  In the article, Senior who  now claims to be a "management consultant", has been dudded for $500 for a puppy advertised on the internet.  A scam that is as old as the internet itself, and one that the ACCC warned about over a decade ago!    

Senior brings the story to the Compost with the argument 'if I, a MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT (ENGINEER, AUTHOR, RADIO PERSONALITY, SERIAL LIAR, PROFESSIONAL GOLFER) can get dudded, ANYONE can!'

No Peter, we're not ALL this stupid!

Perhaps Senior would like to offer his probono "management consulting" skills to Raj Patel, with the failed printing business.  Or Cairns Airport.  Or how about UNsir Bob Norman, who was an inept failure at running an ice creamery!

Such is the "advice" being given by John MacKenzie resident experts.  

More on this group again soon!  


Anonymous said...

All MCKenzie's hand-picked experts are total duds. We have "Steve from Manunda" an ex-army type who is an "expert" on terrorism and the Aussie flag. We now have councillor Old the crocodile expert and "Trouty" of course.The repulsive " Bill from Mt. Sheridan" is the "expert" on Aussie values, Islam, immigration, foreign politics, global warming and more. Not bad for a racist, semi-literate truck driver. His FB page is littered with offensive material. The even more repulsive "Bill from Brinsmead" hasn't been on air lately. Maybe he was becoming too offensive even for Macca. Then there is "Storming Norman Witless", an other "expert" on dredging and law and order. Let's not forget "Ken the Cabbie" with the horrible rasping voice, who basically has nothing sensible to say ever, but is allowed to carry on with all sort of bullshit day in day out. He is still moaning about the one-laning of McLeod St., but McKenzie won't buy into that anymore, since Manning told him to drop that particular crusade. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some local businesses who claimed to be affected by the traffic changes are no longer sponsoring the show. And then there is some real estate woman ( and failed financial adviser) who comes on just about every day to whine about how high insurance costs are killing her real estate business and how hard done by Cairns is. Apparently dredging the Inlet will fix all that. Not once has McKenzie queried her business acumen. Considering that most other real estate business are going pretty good, you'd have to wonder.According to this person the town is in ruins and everyone is broke. Talk about talking the economy down, down, down...Then there are a number of dodgy "scientists" who will happily endorse the shock jock's backward views on the Reef, global warming and coal. Really this show should get an award for being the most farcical, biased and pathetic talk back show in the English speaking world.

Anonymous said...

What about Raj Patel from Edmonton? You can't leave him out.

Ken svay said...

I must have a listen.I used to be a serial pest on Perth talkback with many names. I won a lot of prizes though posted to mates addresses. What could I call myself, Wally from Westcourt.
And my speciality, wallabies?

Anonymous said...

Monday morning, 9 o'clock and already McKenzie is working himself into a state of utter hysteria, aggressively denouncing doomsday sayers and quoting self proclaimed expert Peter Campion that the Reef is fine, after all it survived an ice age a billion years ago and therefore it will survive anything we may throw at it.Yes, burning more coal is actually good for the Reef and all the drug-addled greenies who are part of a UN world government plot are spreading insidious lies and propaganda. Cue: Bill from Mt. Sheridan, the muslim hating, climate change denier extraordinaire will weigh in with all the stuff he has read on obscure websites (it's on the net, so it must be true!) and we're off to another round of pointless nonsense. What an embarrassment this bloke is for Cairns. I hope no tourists are accidentally exposed to this vile propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, have a go Wallie. It's not hard. The trick is to get on in the first place by pretending to be a brain dead redneck. Once you're on, you'll have to be very quick if you want to be critical of anything the shock-jock believes in. He will either cut you off or once you are off air ridicule everything you just said and open the floodgates to an outpouring of vitriol by the regulars he has on stand-by.

Today's opening gambit was quickly followed by a bit of ABC bashing. Something about prisons. On cue, a former old-time screw, Bob from wherever rang up to share his expertise. Never mind that he is pretty much out of touch and is still living in some distant past. So it rained tiresome cliches, the same old shit we have been hearing for years. Prisons are holiday camps blablabla. No attempt at analysis, no attempt to examine the facts or have a rational discussion. Just a regurgitating of the same old tiresome bullshit.

Well there is still time to have a go at the crocodiles and the bats and of course the dredging...same old, same old, day in, day out. I have to turn it off regularly. It often gets too painful, especially when another hoarse pensioner or shrill hag from the burbs starts moaning about some perceived injustice with Mckenzie egging them on at first and then embarking on one of his own pathetic pet hates, leaving the poor old dear to mumble in the background..

Anonymous said...

Wow. I must agree. After a recent snorkelling session off Green Island I can assure you that there is no problem with the reef. There was no dead coral, no lifeless reef, no dead grey/white areas! Ha. Cueball and Bill are complete tosspots. Don a wetsuit you wankers and go take a look. The reef is completely rooted.