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20 January 2017


US Space and Scientific Agency NASA announced today that 2016 was the "hottest year on record".

For the THIRD YEAR in a row.

The map published with their report shows the entire east coast of Australia in the "Record Warmest" category.

Cueball MacKenzie will either ignore this report, or trot out his climate science naysayers to bleat and blather.

The past few days Cueball has been all askew after being the last one in town to find out what most business owners in the CBD had heard early in December - NO charter flights from China during this year's Chinese New Year.  And diminished visits to Cairns by Chinese tourists going forward.  What TTNQ and other tourism leaders WON'T tell anyone is WHY the Chinese are not coming this year.  

Since last July, there have been widespread reports in the
Chinese news media about the death of the Great Barrier Reef.  (大堡礁死)  The news has spread from tourism websites to the TV news in China.  Australia is criticised heavily in these stories for being negligent in protecting this World Heritage area.  The stories have even taken hold on the Chinese version of TripAdvisor.  

Travel agents in China report that tours booked for this charter season began to be cancelled in July and August, with the airlines (including China Eastern) discontinuing the offer of charter flights to Chinese travel agents on September 24, 2016.

Some of these stories are available:

UDN News

Why are our tourism leaders hiding the facts from the public?  Maybe afraid of scaring off the "big projects" that we keep being told are "imminent"?


Anonymous said...

China Eastern will not have services to Cairns this year due to a dispute with Cairns Port Authority over landing slot times. Both sides were unwilling to budge so China Eastern pulled all their proposed services. Try to get a statement from CAPL about China Eastern and see what garbage you get from them.

Anonymous said...

Finally the news is out - the reef is rooted!!
No surprise to us locals. I wonder if the lack of tourism has something to do with;
- fucktard Councils not promoting tourism hard enough
- fucktard Regulators not ensuring that tourist operators aren't wrecking the reef
- fucktard polluters - chemical run off from farms, businesses and leaking airport fuel entering the ground water table, Barron and the ocean
- TTNQ and Cairns airport management unable to sign deals with airlines; the legacy of a good airport being sold to loan sharks plus the former lack of ability by Kevin Brown and his little pet Antonson
- and finally perhaps the Chinese are sick of our fucktard roads, busted footpaths, city crime, rude locals and ridiculously expensive/poor bang for your buck costs of everything in CaIrns? Or maybe the Chinese have been scared away by Sleepy Bob's ugly head, Fatboy Entsch riding his Harley Gayboy around town while wearing a cheesecloth singlet, or maybe former CEO Kevin Browns queer shirts and Highheel antics has scared them away??

'Cairns, beautiful one day, managed by fucktards the next'.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I agree. The Chinese were probably scared away by the archaic 1970's international terminal decor, the bulldog Customs gimps, the leaking fuel under the Tarmac (most Chinese smoke so perhaps they are superstitious that they might catch alight?), the arrogant Hawaiian shirt wearing Kevin Brown, the overpriced retail shops at the airport, and the cheap and nasty terminal toilet paper that rips yer arsehole to pieces when you wipe (and yes, Chinese do shit a lot too).
As for the reef, well that sucker has been fucked for the good part of 10 years. Forget finding Dory or some beautiful coral, all you will find is chemical tainted water, dead grey coral and crown-of-thorns starfish. Let's see if that 'human starfish' Cueball will report that on his crappy radio show.
Maybe we will finally get hit by a Cat 5 and it will put the reef and the City out of its miserable death spiral?

Anonymous said...

Annon 07:10. CAPL's chief spin doctor 'big nose' always goes to ground when there are negative stories. She does this as directed by her tubby boss and the CEO. And where are all the new routes that CFO Maltwoman said would be announced? He said that back in June or July last year. They announced one crappy part time route by Jinair. Fuck me, Antonson was the most useless cardboard cutout ever. All that money she and Kevin Brown spent travelling to China together a few times per year for several years, hundreds of thousands of dollars for what? NOTHING! Good luck Norris, you inherited a team that is a steaming pile of shit. Get that broom moving brother as the team are going to allow you to fall flat on your face......the clock is ticking

Anonymous said...

Cairns airport under former Kevin Brown has seen international charter flights drop. The airports incessant gouging, inability to cut a deal, no strategy and horrible management over the past 5 years has caused untold damage. Norris Carter has only been here 2 months, but he has his work cut out for him if he wants to unwind 5 years of shit.
The starting point was the NQA Board asking Brown to piss off. The second step was Carter pushing Antonson out the door. The third step will be a revamp of the Commercial team from top to bottom including the hiring of a new aeronautical manager, culling the dross, and partnering properly with hopefully a new TTNQ.
Cairns city has so been allowed to slip into third world standards after years of mismanagement by Sleepy Bob, Entsch and other doorstops. This has got to change, somehow. Nothing will change if we don't have capable, younger leaders.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? less fucken tooth picks and slag to wipe up, thank fuck they aint cuming.

Anonymous said...

The reef may be struggling but the real reason why people stopped coming to Cairns was the rip off prices, crap attitude of locals and sheer boredom of our one trick pony tourist industry. The Japanese stopped coming here due to the woeful crap service that they were subjected to. It didn't help that their own tourist companies were in on the rise too. Every tourist that's been raped, robbed, abused, bashed and ripped off in this town used to leave and tell 10 people now they blog about it and tell millions. The Japanese are still flocking to Hawaii because it has good beaches, shopping, good restaurants with reasonable costs and good service. It takes a similar amount of time to get there from Japan as well. It costs nearly $200 for an adult to go out with Quicksilver to the reef. FFS that's an $800 day for a family of 4 to snorkel and eat a shit lunch. Say what you will about tropical destinations like Vietnam, Bali and Phuket but people are made to feel welcome by the local people and it's where a working man can have a holiday and be treated well for a reasonable price. The goose that laid the golden tourist egg has flown off and is never returning to Cairns.....ever.

Anonymous said...

So back in April 2017 CFO Maltman said the airport was working on nine new overseas services plus three extra destinations within Australia. He told Cairns 'anal' Chamber the routes were Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing in China, Nagoya in Japan, Seoul in Korea, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the Middle East and North America, and locally Mackay, Newcastle and Canberra.
How's that coming along Ian? Almost 1 year in and still NOTHING! Perhaps it needs to be written on the white butchers paper again so that we call all laugh at it during 'Lunch n Learn'? All we've ever learned from those ridiculous sessions is how targets are never met and how management have no idea how to manage. What a crock of embarrassing shit.

But don't anybody panic, the 'Boy Wonder' from NZ, Herr Carter is now steering the Cairns Airport ship and has already been on a trip to China. Woohoo. Maybe he will succeed where the former Cairns Airport CEO failed, and actually pull in some contracts? But I'm not holding my breath as Cairns airport has a legacy of non-performers and incompetents on its books. One might even say they have the most useless and disjointed commercial, sales and marketing team ever to be assembled in the one depressing building. Antonson achieved nothing, Ward brings in SFA business, the big bald dude lives out his pipe dreams through the airports fantasy 'masterbate plan and 'land useless plan', and the rest of the 'team' is made up of weirdo's. Perhaps it's time to bring back the kid from Norfolk Island to market some competitions and try to inspire some interest in the airport?

Oh well, two months into the role and Norris hasn't done anything significant except scare away Antonson. Same shit different year. Same 'team' of has-beens, much like Council and the member for Lechardt really. 2017 and Groundhog Day FNQ continues.......

Anonymous said...

Ha ha what a load of shit that came out of the mouth of the airport CFO. What would a bean counter from the taxi industry know about airlines? The guy is softer than melted butter. Regional cities rely on airports to make deals with carriers. It's the airports bread and butter as well as the regions. Cairns airport have been dismal at brokering deals for a number of years, and that has subsequently hurt our region. They are a disgrace. But don't panic, NQA have hired another electrical engineer as CEO so all will be good. At least if Carter can't cut some international deals he will be able to go and change some runway lights. Then again judging by more recent audits and inspections I think he needs to fix failing taxiways, aprons and perhaps the mystery leaking underground fuel line? Operations and compliance teams have tried desperately to keep all that nice and quiet. Naughty naughty.

Anonymous said...

By nature the Chinese are homophobic and tend to dislike large gay communities. Perhaps the Chinese tourist have got wind of the homophobic CAPL management (they know who they are) and now they don't want to visit Cairns due to its large gay community? Interesting how Norris has inherited a management team that consists of some homophobes. Even heard a couple of female managers joking about him last week. Mind you she is a jealous spinster who can't get a man herself so no wonder she slags off at gay. I for one not only embrace the gay community but I think there is a marketing avenue there that hasn't been explored. Of course Cairns airport aren't going to drive that agenda, but then again with Norris onboard perhaps they will? It would be a positive thing.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't Cairns airport management chasing large freight contracts? There is plenty of interest out there and the world doesn't just revolve around passengers. I still recall Kevin Brown mouthing off negatively about Wellcamp before they started operating. Ha, Wagners dumber than Brown? I don't think so. Wellcamp is becoming a growing success story, something Brown couldn't do in Cairns. Cathay is a huge freight operator and Kevin Brown's current "team" never chased that opportunity. Idiots. Living the Acquis/gambling fantasy for the past 4 years, fools. Opportunities missed and likely never to return.

Anonymous said...

WTF, the evil spinster still working at CRAPL? Oh my that's too funny. Does it still park it's car in the first car spot closest to the office building thinking that it is an important person? All that thing is good for is sitting in its office on Facebook all day.

Anonymous said...

Chinese are also very superstitious and security conscious. Perhaps they heard how in recent months there has been numerous security breaches and the NQA Board weren't too happy? The 'team' has been trying very hard to keep that under wraps, as usual. If Kevin Brown'eye was still in Cairns he would've punted the executive in charge of security. He was always sacking people. But then again he likes having women managers surround him. Same hormones I think. He even sacked his security manager in Perth recently. Naturally a female was promoted. Standard actions from the conceited Scot who loves haggis and catwalk prancing in high heels around the Cairns office.

Ernie said...

I reckon the right wing arsehole Mackenzie new about the china eastern cancellation all the time, with the networking that happens in Cairns I find it hard to accept that all of tourism operators were not aware, the accom places would have realised late last year because they would not have the forward bookings, the airport would know because flight schedules have to be booked ahead, other tourism operators would know because they would not have had the booking of tours as in previous years.
Mackenzie and his select few decided to wait and turn it into a political blame game, they can be sure people aren't buying their bullshit, then we have the constant rant of crocs and the wankers who ring in from wangettie, to ross & lock and the councillors who want to big note themselves, all this because a state election is going to happen and all of these arseholes are carrying on with their anti labor crap.
Today we have the post front page claiming the gov kept the china flight cancellation a secret, what a load of crap, if I was the minister I would not waste my time or taxpayers dollars to attend a lunch with the mob of freeloaders in this place.

Anonymous said...

The government would have known in advance about the Chinese issues and that's because the airport would've told them. The simple truth is that there are no capable leaders in Cairns that are able to sign deals and bring in the tourists, particularly within government, TTNQ, Hancock's hillbillies or any other avenue. This entire shamozzle is an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Enie. It is sickening to listen to it. That whole talk-back show is rigged from beginning to end. Very few people call in spontaneously (or are allowed on air). McKenzie carefully arranges his regulars, he calls them, so they can repeat their little whinge conveniently after he just had another LNP politician or one of his hand-picked local "business-leaders" on. In 10 years it has not changed: bats, crocs, greenies, ALP policies, law and order, over and over again. The fool is now trying to link the recent spate of car thefts to the closing down of the hideously expensive boot camp that was given to some LNP cronies.Now he is trying to turn the China Air fiasco into a political issue. There is a reason I am no member of the Chamber of Commerce. If you have ever been to one of their meetings, you'll find that the majority of these events are visited by a small group of people who are basically sitting around going to events like that and getting paid for it. All that overpaid CEO seems to be able to do is utter platitudes and non-sensical business "advice". Don't forget the role McKenzie played in scuttling a brand new hospital and the vastly superior entertainment centre proposed by Schier. And let's especially not forget how he jumped on the Aquis bandwagon, attacking anyone who asked questions about the viability of that bizarre proposal. McKenzie uncritically slobbered it all up and even scored a junket to Macau, where he did the most bizarre "live" report I have ever heard. He was almost overcome with the greatness of it all. The man is utterly shameless.

Anonymous said...

So TTNQ has admitted that they only told "selected " members of the cancelled charter flights due to "sensitivity" issues. That admission won't stop Mackenzie blaming the state government though. I hope TTNQ members start seriously questioning the value they are getting for their membership.

Incidentally, I was at Cafe China on Saturday night and it was packed !
So much so that the owner was waiting tables. No sign of a lack of customers there.

Anonymous said...

He tried to blame the state government for it, but someone must have told him to put a sock in it, as it was going to backfire on his LNP business mates once the truth came out. The lying grub!

iva Biggun said...

Yep it was packed with stingy Chinese getting their $10 special dinner and in a couple of weeks time there will be no one there and poor old Harry Sou will have to wait 6 months to get paid.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, why would the chinese come here for the new year,it's in the middle of our wet season.

Hamish Krint said...

As was evidenced when it pissed down on Saturday night during the Grafton Street Chinese festival!