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16 February 2017


Is is the nature of the collapsed Cairns economy, or are people just this stupid?

Trip Advisor reviews on the Tradewinds hotel have, for YEARS, complained about collapsed beds, dirty linens, broken room furniture, and non-working televisions.  

So what would possess Cairns residents to line-up and PAY for furnishings that mostly should have been on a trash heap?  Or at the very least DONATED to worthy low-income people in the community? 

If anyone has a list of the purchasers, we'd be happy to post it as a warning to others - don't stay over on any of THESE beds!

Sadly, the unhealthy state of this hotel documented in literally HUNDREDS of reviews are far more damaging to the tourism industry in Cairns than a few crocodiles.  But the Cairns Council, who refuses to even implement a Restaurant Inspection and Grading System, has NO requirement for health inspections at local hotels.  Our tourism industry is still running on 1960's rules - to the detriment of us all.


Jim Cavill said...

Hi not why the hotel is alowed sell bed matrices ,on health reson purchases of is real bad idea

Anonymous said...

This is a sign of the dire state of the Cairns economy. Only the desperate or destitute would line up for hours to purchase a matress stained with years of bodily fluid, a broken TV, outdated crockery or a lamp to go on the bed side cabinet. This is indeed a sad sight.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell would buy an old spoof stained mattress, poo stained linen or any other piece of second hand shite from that place? Oh, of course, Cairns airport management were probably there looking for stuff to buy on the cheap to match their outdated international terminal decore and building in line with their general poor standards for everything else.

Anonymous said...

There were bogans and rent a brides everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, another delegation of trough dwellers from Cairns is off to China to drum up 'business' according to the Compost, I mean Townsville Compost News. The retarded Cairns business leaders couldn't shore up $50.00 to fund a dildo upgrade in an adult shop, let alone entice the Chinese to visit our third world shithole Cairns. I wonder who the airport is sending this time, the new CEO poof? As if the Chinese will take that little creampuff seriously. Perhaps the delegates will show the Chinese how fuel is still leaking out of the airport into the ocean, a great thing for the reef?

shanghai said...

one week out from our first recession in 25 years I bet all the talking heads are talking it up don't be fooled we are stuffed .

Anonymous said...

Oh shanghai what recession? Malcolm Turdball said everything is fine. Warren Stench hasn't mentioned anything about a recession. Cairns airport mangers are about to visit China to entice their queers and steers to visit and to celebrate our broken footpaths and empty retail stores, and Sleepy Bob wants to build a CND train so that will be awesome! Things are running hot brother! What recession? Where is that 'dildo with 2 ears' , Coitus Pitt, what does he have to say? When is Fungster and Adani coming?

Anonymous said...

Enough of the same old ranting homophobic HBW contributors!
Can we start a constructive dialogue about strategies to improve Cairns' future? Like a proper economic development plan, a 21st century tourism strategy, decent environmental plans, and a proper approach to community health that isn't just about bashing the hospital board? It's time for some constructive thinking in advance of the next State and Council elections!!
Come on HBW; be a real catalyst for change. Please.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, Sir Elton is on his way to save the economy.