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08 June 2017


When Cairns Council first threw a sop to the tourist industry by installing a free wifi network along the Esplanade, it was for the first year underfunded, slow, and basically unusable.  It's what you get when you give a contract to mates with no performance criteria.

As complaints rolled in to Council, in early 2016 they finally got serious about providing a useable and reliable network.  Now like most things government does, the system was "wide open" providing fast, unmonitored and unmetered connections.  

IT professionals monitoring the system for Cairns (un)Regional Council began seeing a disturbing trend over a year ago.

The system is now being used to download massive quantities of child pornography, and minimal controls to minimise downloaders are easy to be defeated by these vermin.

One of the most abused locations is adjacent to Radio 4CA on Grafton Street, with the second abuse hotspot the Cairns Public Library.

These hotspots allow the pedos to trade and download the most vile child pornography with little chance of being caught.  Other "free" hotspots in the city (Cairns Central, Smithfield Centre) are managed using published blacklists of websites that serve to make them un-useful for these downloads.  

The Australian Federal Police have noticed the Cairns Council about their unwitting participation in this child trafficking.  Given the Council's inability to handle even INTERNAL IT issues, what are the chances that anything substantive will be done?

A more recent development has seen at least two mass emailings of SCAM "spear phishing" messages using the ANZ, NAB, and Bank of Queensland logos to unwitting recipients.  Sending these from an open, unmonitored hotspot run by CRC makes the Council complicit in the scamming of our elderly and stupid residents.

Richie Bates has been quick to take credit for the free Wifi network.  Funny but he won't respond to these reports. 

One of the NEW hotspots is reportedly accessible for Cueball MacKenzie's hovel at 114 Cairns Street.  Should be interesting to see if the crimes start occurring from THAT location!


Anonymous said...

I can (unfortunately) picture it now; Cueball sitting on his lounge chair with only a pair of Ugg boots on. Scented candles glowing, nipple clamps attached and some Barry White music playing. With one hand he grips his doodle tighter than a teenage lad, with the other hand he vigorously uses the mouse downloading naughty illegal internet shit.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about free Wifi at Cairns airport. It is always breaking and is a slow pile of cheap shit, just like Kevin Brown! The only thing you could download is some cheap and nasty Cairns airport parking advertisements! Or then again maybe you can download for free some footage from the former CEO and Antonsons trips to China? Although Norris Sharter has taken up that mantle and heads to China soon. Maybe he will bring back some 457 workers to fill the roles of all the fucktard managers he punted?

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Bob. He looks like a shrivelled brown ballsac with teeth! Stupid old fool ran Longreach into the ground and he has been doing the same in Cairns for years. Anyone who agrees to hire that nutjob Andrejeic as CEO needs their brain scanned....c'mon Ritchie Bates, what else do you've to say? Or are you busy out there 'earning an honest dollar'? Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

I still have trouble with free wi-fi in Cairns. Still far superior to Port Douglas. I refuse to stay at Port Douglas now because of poor internet connection.I was even willing to pay for the hotel internet but could not even load the page to sign up for it and got better reception for my pocket wifi at Wangetti than in Port.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha trouble with wifi bro well I have trouble with electricity to my fucking house as well as mobile phone coverage and TV coverage. Fucking hillbilly Cairns is like a third world shithole but with higher unemployment and worse infrastructure. What other place would you have a federal parliament representative who is a fat pig and rides a Harley while wearing cheesecloth singlets and leather chaps..

Anonymous said...

Well we all know that Bob wouldn't be downloading and watching any of the alleged porn. At his old age his todger no longer works plus the time he would have taken to download the porn he would be fast asleep and too exhausted to watch it or flick 10 off the wrist. Hell even Bobs todger is asleep and snoring by 5 in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I can visualise Porno Bob right now - naked with his withered doodle exposed, wearing nothing but lederhosen, rolling around a jelly filled filled tub with 10 naked fireman, an Alsatian dog and two Councillors dressed in nothing but adult nappies! What a great porn video that would be!