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06 June 2017


The last two months in Cairns may have been the worst since the 2007 crash.  Perhaps the worst since the pilot's strike.

It's a tale of two Queenslands.

The reorganized Cairns Airport is being prepared for sale by the New York investment bankers that control it.  Cairns Airport continues to tout INCREASED TRAFFIC.  But as any shop owner in town can tell you, this hasn't translated into more tourists.  TTNQ surveys being withheld from the public note that the average time a tourist stays in Cairns has declined almost one full day from three years ago. 

And exit surveys being done of tourists have seen a sharp decline in satisfaction with reef day trips.  Almost a third have seen evidence of coral bleaching and other reef damage. 

Longer-stay domestic tourists are now avoiding the beach areas.  With irukandji closing the beaches more frequently and crocodiles now in control of much of the waterfront, who would stay in Palm Cove?  Only the ignorant. 

Almost every resident in Cairns now is starting to realize that governments, state and federal, are disinterested in any investments in Cairns.  Roads.  Power. Tourism. Infrastructure.  All are being ignored as internal government reports indicate Cairns tourism has peaked, and further investments will be wasted.

Of course we've got "hot" Syrian and middle eastern money pouring into hotel projects.  This is a money laundering scheme at best.  It hasn't gone unnoticed that none of the new hotels are going to be branded with any major hotelier.  The finance and ownership won't pass the due diligence of any major hotel company.  These hotels will be flipped and the money removed faster than you can say "shock jock child molester".

Many experienced tradies are concerned about payment, but like most "hot construction", some stupid tradies will eventually be dudded.  The Cairns Post runs these stories at the end of every boom period.

Queensland, now with the highest power prices in the developed world, is tipping higher prices as ALP and LNP governments agree - government can make big money from essential services like electricity.  

Petrol 30cents/litre more than the rest of Australia?  Warren Entsch tells constituents to "shop around".  Entsch - who spends more time obsessing over the newest ladyboy to hit the Cairns Post classifieds, is the biggest turd to ever occupy a political position.  Half a $Mil for his new office and the voters continue to be suckers.  

Meanwhile the Cairns Post runs almost daily stories about residents without jobs, neighbours losing their homes, people losing their benefits and ratepayers behind in their payments.  All of this drives more anti-social behaviour - a guy lying about a croc attack, cops getting promotions with stolen CV's, more fish-o's getting booked for green zone poaching, petrol station drive-offs, and rising crimes of opportunity.  

Premier Palaszczuk has adopted the simpleton message of US Idiot Savant, Donald Trump, and said that the ALP is all about "jobs, jobs, jobs".  For Cairns that means MORE casual jobs, more cash-in-hand jobs, more off-the-books jobs.  It hasn't been just the restaurants all up and down the Esplanade that are getting away with murder - the Chinese-owned Night Markets places are all dodging taxes at every turn (hence the "No Credit Cards" signs everywhere).  Even businesses owned by the lauded but now dead Charlie Woodward have been stiffing employees at Rainforest Station for YEARS.

It all comes back to what we've done to the Reef.  

Someone wake up Mayor Bob. . . . . .  Richie Bates has removed 400 trash bins, paying for the $7Million computer debacle one trash bin at a time.  Why hasn't this been investigated as a crime, anyway?  Along with the Manning family's Trading while Insolvent. . . .

The next elections are shaping up to be a bloodbath. . .


Anonymous said...

It's not just the reef that is dead, so is the airport. Kevin Brown has handed Norris Farter a lemon. Nonetheless, the hedge fund vultures have pulled about $30m profits per year out of the combined Cairns/Mackay airports, and now they will flog the pair for a tidy profit well above the $530m purchase price. Executives will become even more filthy rich which is in addition to what they have already raped out of the business. The only ones who have gained throughout this period of time is the corporate grubs.

As for the Compost and it's glowing airport appraisal every month that is a crock of shit. Figures can be massaged whatever way you like and obviously the dopey Townsville based Cairns Compost swallows every spoonful of shit that the airport serves up to it!

Anonymous said...

Cairns is a depressing hole. And Wazza and Manning have been key contributors in the regions decline. How much is enough? Two old Fucktards more interested in afternoon naps and ladyboys.

Hamish Krint said...

What are the odds they will get re-elected? No-one gives a shit anymore. People are busy trying to survive, and don't seem to have any time for forward planning at a community level. Most residents never listen to the news, or read about anything from reliable sources. What are the bets on who will get re-elected as member for Cairns? Is Pyne in with a chance? Also there seems to be little competition against Sleepy or Stenchy.......it takes serious money to be a candidate, and there are few fairies or money trees at the bottom of the garden if you don't align with a major party....
PS good to see you back Hillbilly - thought you had retired, or been knocked off!

Anonymous said...

Fucking Entsch, shop around you say? You giant bloated beer swilling buffoon. You are happy in your patch mate because you are an overpaid politician who not only gets paid a huge salary but you get to run other personal businesses during the time you are meant to be working for the constituents. Three fucking jobs all in a 36 hour week. Yeah shop around alright, the high prices don't affect you you grub. WE the taxpayer pay for all your personal expenses - fuel, rego, insurances, electricity......turd

Ken svay said...

Crime in the suburbs is out of control. I have never seen worse and nothing changes. It is certainly no paradise.

Anonymous said...

Well a government report has just been released that showed the most financially struggling fucked up areas in Australia, and some of those are In Queensland, three in fact and Cairns came in number 1! Well done Sleepy Bob an Fatboy Entsche, you've outdone yourselves!!! Oh well, even though the crime will continue, tourist numbers will keep dropping along with house prices at least we will see some likely big spending in the region by Curtis Shitt on behalf of Anastasia and also Malcolm will be shitting himself over the report.

Anonymous said...

I worked out at the reef in the 90's and early 2000's. Haven't been back to compare. An old work mate of mine who is a pontoon care taker said the reef is in a terrible state the worst he has seen it. Unfortunately McKenzie only allows people on his show who spruik the same opinion as he does. They are deniers. As for the Cairns airport they count every person who goes through the terminal twice. It's too make the books look good for a sale, this is based on the presumption that everyone who flies in will also fly out. Not always true. They also count persons who transit here and leave the airport as arriving passengers. Fact.