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24 July 2017


Premier Anastascia Palaszczuk has announced that after her "very positive meetings" in the USA last month, Cairns is poised to be a "major film production location".


We've heard it all before.  What a load of bullshit.

The opportunity for Cairns to be a competitive film and television location was squandered away by the Beattie and Bligh governments along with former Member for Barron River, Lesley Clark.  Clark instead voted as the ALP masters demanded for expansion of the business in Brisbane at the expense of her constituents in Cairns.

The fact is that a window of opportunity DID open for the region after the Marlon Brando "Island of Dr. Moreau" and Sean Penn film "Thin Red Line" were filmed here.  Island of Dr. Moreau was filmed in Cairns for very specific reasons - the need for a tropical location on the Pacific Ocean, the refusal of Brando to go to Hollywood and the requirement that Brando could "commute" from his home in Tahiti.  

Instead of building on the buzz for FNQ after Thin Red Line, Cairns was once again victimised by the southeast corner.  Politicians there refused to allow investment in ANY infrastructure in Cairns to support a film industry, instead seeing Beattie and Bligh making "sweetheart deals" to pay for more infrastructure at the Gold Coast.  Essentially Corporate Welfare for Warner Bros, the largest media company in the world.

It stinks.

The reality is that the possibility for this kind of high tech business that could have employed hundreds of our youth in skilled, highly-paid jobs, is long since gone.  Our still last-century internet infrastructure, lack of studio facilities to host interior set construction, shortage of serviced hotel rooms, and increasing use of digital imaging ensure Cairns will never be on the production radar for Hollywood, or anyone else.

Besides, with our only REAL filming location, the Great Barrier Reef, now understood to be dying - really, what's the point?

And we should also remember that Australia is only cost-effective as a production location when the exchange rate is BELOW US$ .80.  As we're now drifting above this again (with bankers predicting parity again in the medium term), Australia is seeing DIMINISHING interest in filming even in Sydney.

Cairns has even struggled in porno production.  (Links
"ANGELIQUE", really our local
Port hooker Gloria Branchina.
NSFW).  Our two hometown "stars", Monte Cooper and Gloria Branchina have been a bust.  Monte and her skanky tattoos have mostly disappeared from the scene (but her videos live on at Pornhub).  Gloria is now flat-backing in Perth leaving her children home in Port Douglas with who-knows-who, and making the Branchina family proud.  Leaves our hooker business all to the Chinese students.  LOL

But nice try, Anna.  It's always good for a laugh.  We can hear the laughter from Hollywood here.


Anonymous said...

Naughty HBW posting a photo of some titties. That will get all of Cairns old fogies, preachers and faggots angry! What about ANUStascia Palaszczuk's tits, why doesn't she get them out for our region? Take one for the team so to speak.

Anonymous said...

WTF Australian dollar heading toward parity with the USD? Long live fiat currency! The western dollar is fucked. It's been manipulated (printed, QE) to death and is worth jackshit! Only a matter of time until the USA system collapses beneath all that unsustainable debt, and Malcolm Turdball is following suit and loading us up with more debt than Clive Palmer! America ripped off the world when it removed the gold benchmark in the 70's and then married up the petro dollar as the benchmark. Why do you think the USA is blowing up half of the worlds countries as it knows that if it loses control of oil the USA dollar is history! You wait, gold will come back as the standard. And when it does Shanghai and I will be richer than Malcom Turdball and that angry narcissist K.Rudd!! Bring on the global financial Armageddon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sleepy Bob is that you?

Anonymous said...

Agree with HBW. The opportunity to film in FNQ is long gone, the opportunity was blown years ago. But now the Government is desperate for revenue and buy FNQ votes and is trying to trot out whatever it can to make a buck, but it's too late. Nice try Anastasia but way you are way too late sweet cheeks.

Anonymous said...

I know there is a lot of "emotion" around Cairns airport comments and certainly we don't want Tony 'fucktard 'Sillier upset, but why not level that disgraceful general aviation complex at the Cairns airport and put a Warner Brothers style facility in there instead? The airport could charge top dollar per ground space meterage and the economy would get a boost from all these companies apparently itching to do films in FNQ!