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20 July 2017


Normally, Cairns' right-wing law and order radio clown John MacKenzie preaches a "hardline" against criminals, right across the world.  In his view most criminal acts should result in long periods of incarceration - although he has yet to explain who's going to pay for it.

So the last few days he's lined up a crying brigade, denouncing the American system of justice because it apparently has resulted in the unfortunate death of an Australian woman, Justine Ruszczyk, in the state of Minnesota.  

Yes, her name is Justine Ruszczyk, not Justine Damond as previously reported.  And although the Australian news media and her Australian family have reported that she was "engaged" to be married, she was in fact an illegal overstayer in the United States - living for over two years there on a tourist visa.  She did NOT have dual citizenship, as previously reported falsely.  

She was an illegal overstayer.  

John MacKenzie and his denizens routinely want Australian overstayers jailed, deported, or worse.  It's clear this incident would NOT have taken place had Ms. Ruszczyk not been in the USA without the proper documentation.

We expect an apology to the Australian audience for supporting such blatant illegal activity. 

It's too bad she was killed.  Way too many guns in the USA, and even well-meaning coppers are working in a climate of fear.  


Anonymous said...

Wrong place wrong time for this woman.

Anonymous said...

The MSM always get the stories incorrect. Good work HBW for clarifying some facts. Regardless, it's a shame this Aussie chick got iced. I also noticed the Cop. D his family are ragheads, no surprises to see a raghead involved in the death of a human.
Pity it want Cueball overstaying his welcome in the USA. No loss if he took some lead to the head. Plus he used to hang around dark alleys and laneways like the one in which Justine was shot.

Tony Hillier said...

It's sad to see how the comments posted on this blog — once a repository of intelligent observation — have degenerated in recent months, to the level of the gutter.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? Tony Hillier its fucken Satire you tosser.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Tony, it's quite appalling and very disappointing. The constant rants about the airport by disgruntled employees are also becoming very boring.


We agree that the continual insider rants from the airport are getting a little redundant, and we're looking to move them to a separate thread on the blog.

One person's gutter is another person's salient observation. We can't control the commentary - and don't choose to do so.

Anonymous said...

So freedom of speech is to be banned Tony? HBW would then become just another mainstream media 'fake news' outlet. People have different ways of expressing themselves. If you don't like it Tony then don't read what is posted. Fucktard.

Anonymous said...

Gee imagine that Tony, repetitive comments about one shitty part of Cairns - the airport. Aren't most of the other stories and comments on here repetitive - Councillors, Sleepy Bob, Cueball Mackenzie etc etc etc?

Anonymous said...

Get fucked Tony.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Tony. Homophobia and ex airport employees seem to have dominated recently!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Could not agree more anon 18:16

As for Tony Fucktard - why doesn't he start his own blog.
He could call it "Barfly".
Better still becaouse he doesn't wash (like all Poms) he could call it, Hilliers Blow Fly