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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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23 July 2017


Cairns is hardly the only city in Australia being run by nitwits, morons, crooks, and perverts.

As the recent events in Ipswich have shown, a great deal of government falls into these categories.

Fortunately, the citizens are fighting back with dedicated bloggers.  One of the more prolific has been Townsville's voice of the people, The Townsville Magpie.

And eventually the crooked targets of the blogosphere hire solicitors and try a counterattack.

Always unsuccessfully.

Even the Minister for Transexuals, Warren Entsch, was unsuccessful at attacking Cairns Blogs from the floor of the Parliament, under Parliamentary Privilege.  His attack was so flawed that the Parliament was required to publish a correction and retraction of the falsehoods.  

In Townsville, Failed Northern Fury CEO Rabieh Krayem is one of these corrupt individuals who's now on the attack through the courts.  Krayem has objected to being portrayed as a "disgraced and disgraceful person".  Krayem apparently doesn't realise that the truth is always a defence.  

Hell, Cairns has a mayor so corrupt he ran a local company into the ground DESPITE having lucrative public contracts steered to this company.  Traded for months while insolvent.  Then dumped the company with inadequate disclosures to an unwitting buyer.

The State of Queensland has STILL allowed Bob "Sleepy" Manning to act as Mayor, despite these facts!

We've got other dud businessmen in Cairns who've put their grubby dealings on the public purse here.  There's unSir Bob Norman, who ran TWO ice cream shops into the ground despite one of them located on prime tourist real estate in the Esplanade!  He was then appointed to chair the Cairns Base Hospital where he and his board were finally sacked for gross malfeasance.  

Krayem objects to being a "dud businessman"?  We've got 'em in spades!

With our local "official" media - the Cairns Post and Radio 4CA so completely corrupted, bloggers are the bulwark of the people's media.  The voice of the people.

We offer our wholehearted support to The Townsville Magpie.


Anonymous said...

Mainstream media is dead. It has and always will be an avenue for big business to con the people, or promote their favourite corrupt politicians and polictical parties. Trump is preaching what many of us have known for years - it's fake media. It is a business for the rich. The fraud has been exposed and the house of cards is tumbling. Blogs like HBW will be the 'real' news outlets in the future, sooner than later. Well until the governments change the laws, stick barcodes under our skin and edit the Internet which is inevitable. They are scared of what they cannot control. Wikileaks should be lauded and praised while Fairfax and CNN
are burned to the ground. The only way to force through change is to expose the crooks and the charlatans, and that's just the political parties, and then go after big business. If those who are squeeling loudest became honest, transparent and decent then you would have the levels of disgust and agitation within the worlds communities.....dumb arse Yank military invented the internet to use for military purpose. You pricks lit the flame now you can reap the bushfire.

Anonymous said...

The Courier Mail ran an opinion on how Cairns thinks it gets less public spending than Brisbane. I am not sure who they asked, was not me. I would prefer lower cost of living rather than pay for a road or dredging. None of it is of interest to me.Then it dawned on They read the Cairns Post and Cairns Post told them that the people they do PR for want more public spending, Then of course News Limited ran a Fair Go campaign trying to lobby the government for more spending in the regions. So the Murdoch press is responding to the Murdoch press. The people's opinions do not rate. They have some ego, I tell you that much. But they are no longer the press.Ego echo chamber.

Anonymous said...

Seems like poor Townsville is in the same boat as Cairns and suffering from "fucked'itis", a condition that affects regional cities in which redneck locals vote in the most absurd, ignorant, useless, crooked politicians and Councillors to run their city further into the shit! You really really couldn't make this shit up