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19 August 2017


It is well-accepted that Australians have an alcohol problem.

It is also well-accepted that Australians do their best to excuse it, ignore it, cover it up, and otherwise diminish the known impacts.

We're all expected to feel sorry for Claire Tucker, a local hairdresser who stumbled off the highway into a culvert after an alcohol-fueled day at the races.  Like everyone, we're all saddened when an unnecessary death occurs in such a manner.  But we're even more saddened when the lessons of the death are hidden and obfuscated by the media.

Claire along with her friends were known "party girls", never ones to pass up an alcohol-fueled day or night.  Her bff Danielle Boldiston has been quoted to say of Claire:  "The hottest bitch I have ever met".  Claire was reportedly stumbling-down drunk when she left the racetrack.  So sloppy drunk her "friends" did a runner, leaving Claire to get home on her own in this condition.  

The "friends" are now soothing their conscience by putting up a GoFundMe troll for money from the community - now hopefully earmarked for Claire's child, named "Zephyr".  Because single women banging out a rugrat is now the equal of getting a tattoo, or a new handbag.  

But with no insurances to protect the little bastard, the public is now saddled with another homeless child.  A few thousand bucks isn't going to make much of a dent raising a 5-year-old.

So the media is making much of the "tragedy", with nary a hint of personal responsibility.

Cairns has a history of ignoring drunken behavior.

Second-rate AFL player Jeff "Hoppy" Hopgood careered off an
empty highway at the Gold Coast one night in 2006, and there was NEVER an acknowledgement of the police report showing his blood alcohol was over .25!  Instead, we named part of Cazaly's after the fool.  

Hopefully someone will sit little Zephyr down when he gets older and explain to him the REAL circumstances of his mother's life, and death.  And someone PLEASE - let's find the baby daddy and get him to take up his responsibilities!


Anonymous said...

A typical example of our generation. Immature young idiots having children yet not willing to accept the changes and responsibilities that brings with it. Why have kids if you want to live the life of a drunken slapper? Stupid, broke, drunk generation of narcissists and imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

I know, lets do what we do with all the other children without a home, farm them off to the likes of Anglicare ET AL and let them become astute in crime and mischief at a young age...Unless of course the daddy comes out to collect the money to "raise" the poor kid....Fuck Cairns is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Slightly O/T but does anyone know if Fatboy Entshe is a bonified Aussie citizen? Would love to see him punted like the other trough dwellers in recent weeks. Herr Xenophon is the latest twat to come under scrutiny. Would be good if the same rules applied to local government.

Anonymous said...

We live in a world of convenience. For many your comments whilst true are not convenient as they offend the weak.

The girlfriends who abandoned the young lass will live with their decision to abandon their friend, some will be comforted by commentary that reflects the lass being an obnoxious drunk

They left her alone and she died a lonely death in a drain.

Anonymous said...

This is the same generation who by the time they retire won't be receiving Centrelink money, it wil be food stamps. They won't own any asserts, no home, no money in the bank - they partied it away. They will have a meagre superannuation due to decades of low paying pleb jobs that fed their booze, drugs and shagging lifestyle. For this generation only lives for today and not for the future. I feel sorry for this chicks family, I really do. But it's a scenario being played
over and over and over.........

Anonymous said...

O/T but another trough dweller misses out on the big prize! Paul Tully has lost the contest for Ipswich Mayor to Anton Antonolli. It seems the people are growing sick of these long term career politicians who suck off the taxpayer teat (and collect brown paper bags) for decades and produce SFA. Maybe Cairns will wake up one day and vote out the 70 year old pensioner Manning and bring in some new young blood who are keen and eager. Even better if the CCC nailed the old fool for at least some of the dirt that has stuck to him for years now. Sooner the better

shanghai said...

yeah friends like that who needs enemies ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:40, Maybe Bobbybankrupt will quietly slip away with the couple of mills hes made off the tax payer with the likes of Hedley etc, as if CCC will nail anyone, the paper bags must be flying! as we speak...

Ernie said...

Certainly off this topic hillbilly
Todays episode of the collection of the right wing arseholes who unfortunately are living in our midst were lined up in their sad attack order to give Anthony Albanese a hard time all done by This arsehole Mackenzie and his staff, first off the barnacle from wangettie, then the self educated from overseas RAJ somethink, then the alias (black adder) bil from mt Sheridan who is so racist even the go kart sport cannot compete and in the end john from Manunda accuses Albo of over talking those who would ask a question or make a statement but continually interrupted when he was answering, hardly a point of over talking, what a set up by this prick Mackenzie, their was plenty of others who wanted to talk with Anthony but the bald prick lined up his mob of regular physco's first and their was no time left for others, and then to top it off he has the wanka from Tolga campion who he allowed to crap on for ever.
This is worthy of a post here Hillbilly to once again expose the crap that exists in this place.

Ken svay said...

She was planning to have more kids and name them Zodiac, Anglia and Consul.

Anonymous said...

Instead of being home to meet her boy from school she was getting shit faced with her gal pals. Forever to be remembered as an immature idiot.

Anonymous said...

It's what happens every time, Ernie. It is so blatantly obvious, it's pathetic. The reverse is done when one his NP cronies is on. Not a critical voice will come through. The ignorant flat earthers rule the roost. How ignorant Bill the Loudmouth is allowed to sit on the P&C of his local school is beyond me. He barely has a grasp of the issues he rants about, just gets unlimited time to spout his crap. The Campion bloke is stupid beyond belief, yet gets constant media attention.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:06

I know Peter Campion personally, believe me the shit he comes out with in the local shitroll papers and on Cueball is nothing compared to the real deal... feel sorry for anyone reading the "opinions" in the paper.