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31 August 2017


The Trout family are quite well-known in Far North Queensland.  The family is known for decades of operating on the edge of legality, and in the last ten years have been caught out well over the line.  The stories are well-known.  

Stolen heavy equipment being used on Peter Trout's pastoral property in the Cape.  The last time stolen heavy equipment turned up on the Trout-owned Kalinga Station, police executing the search warrant wanted to hook-up the old man.

Michael Trout's brother Steven was a continual and habitual drug dealer, and was known to be dealing even from one of the family tourism business locations in the Northern Beaches!  

Michael Trout squeaked into the seat of Barron River as part of the failed Campbell Newman LNP government.  Trout barely survived an investigation into this business ties that he was SUPPOSED to shed when elected.  He was caught-out by the Attorney General but fortunately for Cairns, he was removed by the electorate.

HBW was the major reporter in the story of Michael Trout's continued corruption. . .

But not before lying up a storm about youth centres in Kuranda and other disgusting activity.  During his years out of government he's attempted to pawn himself off as a "fixer" and lobbyist.  Apparently finding out that not a lot of businesses are interested in a "fixer" who's old-boiler girlfriend is a prostitute and stripper.

You can't make this shit up.

Trout is now attacking the ALP plan to put youthful offenders into "Bail Houses" in stable families across the state.  This plan is a far sight better than the secret plan Trout approved to put a youth offender centre on a residential street in Kuranda - and then lie about it!!

After Trouty was exposed with his hookerette, his ex-wife Venette wrote to HBW asking us to not post the hooker-like photos of the girls she had with Trout during their marriage, exclaiming that now that they've divorced "she has a great life now".  Still using the Trout name for all its worth, apparently.  She also asked that the public not judge her daughters Emma, Heidi, and Hannah (all who've left Cairns for larger cities due to the economic failures in FNQ) despite the plethora of trampy photos of them available to anyone.  Heidi Trout, who's soon to join the ranks of unwed mothers bringing another publicly-supported bastard into the public purse.  

Sorry Venette, you and your daughters get no pass as long as he continues to claim to be a "family man" and you continue to leverage the Trout family name. 

And then there's Blythe Trout, who jumped into an arrangement with Matt Trout to snag Australian residency, is engaged in a scheme at Mugalli Falls while spruiking a worthless weight-loss scheme from the USA called "Herbalife".  The prostistripper doesn't fall far from the pole. . . 

We're working on information that ties Michael Trout to some real dodgy dealings during his time out of government.  More soon.


Anonymous said...

Classic story!!! It has sluts, shonks, thieves, crooks and drugs!! Someone should tell Trout's ex wife, Vinegarette, that she needs to get someone to watch over her trailer park van while she is out stripping! The girls look like they have had more pricks than a pin cushion. Another fine example of a family of Cairns fucktards. Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Like Pissale ,Trouty is another one of cueball's heroes. He surely knows how to pick them. Once Trouty gets into trouble, cueball will drop him faster than you can say "hot potato" and pretend he never supported him. A takes a special type of grub to have that snake like ability.

Anonymous said...

The Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

4CA gives Trout lots of air play to tell the electorate about what he will do if elected again after being dumped by Barron river. Mr McKenzie should hold him to account for his previous term as part of Can Do's team, where he achieved nothing. By the way the young Trout girls look like they enjoy a bit of fun. Good on em.

Anonymous said...

guys an arsehole.