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08 September 2017


The drip-drip-drip of damage being done by Bob "Sleepy" Manning and his do-nothing, rubber-stamp council has continued unabated into the fall and winter months.

HBW has continued to receive information from both Council insiders as well as the public complaining about the massive damage being wreaked across Cairns.


Large and worthwhile recycling programs were initiated by the Schier Council in the city years ago.  Mayor Schier initiated not only residential recycling programs (that have had the highest participation rate of any regional city in Queensland), but began more "public" efforts at recycling.  These efforts included replacement of trash bins with multi-bin recycling bins.  

These have served not only to help our Council reduce costs, but underscore for our tourist visitors the seriousness we take our environment.  

Bob Manning continues to dismantle this system - now replacing the popular "recycling" bins in the CBD and Council park areas with - SINGLE STREAM trash bins. 

You can't make this shit up.

The Freshwater-Stratford area residents have asked Manning and their (worthless) councillor Linda "Fuck Me" Cooper for an explanation about the removal of these bins from their parkland areas.  Likewise residents in Edge Hill, who've asked for a similar explanation from THEIR (less than worthless) councillor, Max "The Groper" O'Halloran.  Neither has proffered an explanation, 'natch.


Cairns Council under Mayor Sleepy refused to build the shovel-ready parking structure planned for the old post office site on Grafton Street.  Instead they've removed lanes on CBD streets, added a couple dozen new parking bays while then taking them back for U-Turn pockets.  

Council is also engaged in illegally taking parking fees at several "parking lots" run by them - specifically the parking areas opposite the Queensland State Building at Hartley & Sheridan, as well as the Bunda Street parking next to the CY Hotel.  Council is collecting parking fees (and issuing parking infringements) at BOTH carparks.  But Council does not own EITHER of these allotments, nor is any lease agreement been signed with the property owners.  Where's the money going?  

And according to State Law, Council cannot collect money from EITHER of these locations without a registered lease over the title.

We've reached out to Richie "Master" Bates but he's been too busy to respond.  

But the biggest bombshell is soon to hit the CBD parking with the consecutive openings of the Aquarium and the new Cairns Civic Theatre. 

Residents are already aware of the parking chaos created by the events at the Munro Martin park - with many businesses and apartment buildings in the area constructed with no or inadequate on-site parking over the years.  The Aquarium doesn't have ANY onsite parking for patrons nor most of the staff.  And parking was REDUCED at the Civic Theatre while the number of seats was DOUBLED.

You can't make this shit up!!


Council has also continued other anti-resident actions, usually by stealth.  With virtually NOTHING about public meetings being published now by the Council (by orders of Sleepy Manning, who's got no time to read all that shit), neighbourhood associations have to be extra-vigilant to determine what's really going on in their areas.  

This recent notice REQUIRED BY STATE LAW was dropped into the Cairns Council website.  But it couldn't be any more unhelpful.  It proposes to take gazetted parkland for additional (unnecessary) roadworks.  It is identified only by the obscure legal description and doesn't identify even the cross streets being discussed.  And if that isn't deceptive enough, Council has included a map that is completely unreadable! 

Then there's whatever is going on at Mt. Whitfield - with the public warned off the site for no apparent reason!

AND still never any explanation why Mayor Bob Manning and his wife Claire were not prosecuted for "Trading While Insolvent", and steering no-bid contracts to their company!

These are the acts of a corrupt Cairns (un)Regional Council.


Anonymous said...

Haha HBW, The sort of disgusting behavior by sleepy council is repeated all over QLD, Mareeba SC is only one tiny step behind.....

Anonymous said...

I was not a fan of the Schier council, but at least Val had a vision for Cairns. Bob has nothing, he can't even look after the roads and rubbish. The reason the bins were removed was because none of the recyclables actually got recycled. It all went to landfill. Everybody felt good putting it in the yellow bin but it all ended up in the landfill any way.

Ernie said...

Manning is a SLUT living off the ratepayers of this ratepayers input.
It is about time that Rob Pyne really exposed this disgusting fella and all those who support him.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why the CCC is happy to go after Pissale and is supposedly
Investigating election fiddles elsewhere, yet Sleepy Bob broke all the rules, traded while insolvent, yet not so much as an eyebrow has been raised. Why is that? It is well known that contracts and work has gone to Cairns Councillors companies to friends and families, for years, but again nothing happens. Once more I ask; why is that?

Anonymous said...

I hear that Richie Bates is pushing for ADCO to be awarded more Council contracts and in return his ALP mates will get large donations from ADCO towards the upcoming election. Also the contract at Smithfield Shopping Centre owned by Dexus is being investigated due to allegations of corruption between ADCO and management.

Anonymous said...

@ 8/9/17 20:48 "You have to wonder why the CCC is happy to go after Pissale and is supposedly
Investigating election fiddles elsewhere, yet Sleepy Bob broke all the rules, traded while insolvent, yet not so much as an eyebrow has been raised. Why is that?"

Probably because nobody in Cairns actually cares enough to make a complaint to the CCC. Everyone likes to whinge but no one wants to put in a bit of effort. If all of us would take the time to make official complaints through the correct channels, then we might get some action. You can't leave it all for Rob Pyne to do.

chasrose said...

Perhaps Rob Pyne is doing the Right thing showing Corruption in Councils ,the only People who Squeal about it are those with something to be found out about Hmmm.