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23 September 2017


The Cairns Council and their staff have been corrupted by developers for years.

A story in the Cairns Post highlights the problems - payoffs from developers to Council wreck havoc on our residential neighbourhoods.

Here we have the owner of the Bluewater Bar and Grill, a waterfront bar in the Bluewater Marina project in Trinity Park.  Bluewater was originally approved by Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne as part of his "Fuck Up The Northern Beaches" agenda while Mayor.  Bluewater was approved with narrow roads unsuitable for street parking, and little in the way of Council amenity for the existing boat ramp and fishing community.  The master plan for Bluewater required the tavern project to have a minimum of 91 carparks.  This figure of 91 was even known to be inadequate when the project was first approved. 

But master plans are made by the Cairns Council only to facilitate the extraction of developer bribes later when they "modify" it.   

The developers of the tavern then showed up.  They wanted a (much larger) building and MUCH LESS parking on-site.  You can read the modified development approval here.  Why would they fight to reduce the parking?  Apparently owner Peter Sayers is a moron.  It was obvious to all that this tavern would be frequented by people who own automobiles - with no other alternative available to them.  What kind of dickhead removes 30% of the carparks necessary to operate his business?

Well we know the answer to that in the CBD - where Council has allowed huge projects to be constructed with huge carpark shortfalls.  Like the aquarium which is also creating turmoil in the CBD.  And this shortfall includes Council's own projects - the Civic Theatre and Munro Martin Park being just two.

Kelly Reaston is the Council General Missmanager of Development who is
responsible for this dud development approval.  Reaston (who tutored at the knee of previous development manager and Bob Manning lapdog Peter Tabulo) was  well-trained in the Cairns Council drill.  Kelly Reaston will approve ANY old shit as long as money greases the wheels.  And in this case the developer paid over $275,000 to get this crap approved by Reaston and the lapdog Council.  

And there are numerous other violations of the APPROVED development approval, with noise abatement, landscaping, bicycle parking,  and other requirements never constructed.  And since Cairns has NO process to evaluate DA compliance after a project is constructed, no worries, mate.  

This is little different than the developer corruption recently exposed on the Gold Coast, and which will ultimately jail Ipswich mafioso Paul Piasale.  

And all of this corruption impacts the regular residents of Cairns.  Peter Sayers is now threatening to close the Bluewater Bar and Grill - to what end?  Leaving an empty, cheaply-built, derelict building to rot in the sun?  

Council insiders have confirmed that one Cairns councillor, John Schilling, has "had his eye" on this property for some time with a plan to get it cheap.  Pushing the existing owner out on the back of improper and fraudulent Council decisions that allowed the place to be built is an unsurprising outcome to this Council-caused shamozzle.  


The wholesale disregard of state and local planning rules in exchange for what can only be described as developer "bribes" is just the tip of the iceberg in Cairns.  We continue to look forward to continued sunshine on these corrupt local government practices by Cairns' Independent Member of Parliament, Rob Pyne.  


Anonymous said...

When i put a complaint into council about my neighbour who had removed his pool fencing and was telling me he was going to remove our boundary fence and claimed there was nothing i could do about it, leaving my visiting family's kids in danger, it was Kelly Reaston that called me back telling me my neighbour had put in plans for a huge renovation and it had nothing to do with me as council had passed it and it was in her words, "all done and dusted". They did thankfully visit the site and stopped him from removing the fence and made him put his pool fence back up, but she also told the neighbour it was me that had made the complaint, which breaches my privacy to make an anonymous complaint.

Anonymous said...

Jeezus ... you talk a lot of shit Hillbilly!

From the ABC


Beattie under fire over canal development approval
Updated 10 Jul 2003, 10:18am

Premier Peter Beattie has given the green light for the project at Trinity Beach, saying he will legislate to allow the development to go ahead, despite opposition from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Anonymous said...

More crap Hillbilly.

Anonymous said...

The people of Cairns keep voting for muppets like Manning. You get what you ask for. Maybe if Pyne and the CCC get their teeth into Cairns Unregional Council the sheeple will finally see what a bunch of morons they've been voting for. Watch out Bob, you may get a midnight Pissale style visit. Sleep with one eye open sir.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Reaston has always been a ugly person both inside and out. She is known as the best Planner money can buy and works closely with that other moron Richie Bates.

Ken svay said...

At the March Council meeting it was admitted that donations from consultants working for developers should never have been accepted. Apparently the previous CEO said it was fine but the local government body says no it was not fine at all.
How was this allowed to happen and isn't the new CEO the deputy previously?
has he been asked the obvious question of how much was given to who?
Corruption is endemic in Australia especially at local government level, who do we out up with it.
Of course one could submit the question about unlawful donations to the next Council meeting but questions have to be submitted and vetted. What sort of democracy is this?
Having monthly meetings at 9PM on a weeknight is a masterstroke-guaranteed to keep people away.

Anonymous said...

More anonymous comments from Richie Bates again ?

Anonymous said...

Must be the haircut. Hard, nasty bitches often have that short straight haircut. She looks like a very young version of the ex Cairns airport HR manager who got punted and now advertises her so-called 'professional HR services' to anyone too stupid to not know her pathetic work history. Funny thing is that she also once worked for the Port Authority and worked with Council CEO John Android'dick along with Manning. These people all pop up together at some stage. A large enough broom is never put through the Cairns region. It's a joke.....

Anonymous said...

She looks like the type of staffer that would let a dirty old Mayor play with her tits at the staff Xmas party or give the odd knob polishing to wealthy local developer. I'm not saying that she has done any of that, I'm just saying that she looks the type. But she is known locally as the 'nasty bitch that pisses vinegar' because she is so bitter.

Ernie said...

Hey jeesus anon 23/9 18.48 seems you could have some commercial interest in that decision, the sad joh Peterson gov was the ones who allowed for this type of crap development and would have been very expensive to taxpayers to stop this so Beattie went the way it is and all we hear is whinging from those who got sold an ongoing expensive situation, so suck it up.

Anonymous said...

I think you will find Council were found in the wrong on Car parking and are going to have to provide parking spaces along Harbour Drive.
That aside the pub is shit and the owners are sad. You should follow up on another former West Australian Ross (You know you want it...oops that's my gearstick) Dunkerton the Groper of Trinity Park

Anonymous said...

Apparently, $20 million was spent building this pub.
What was a Bar and Grill now becomes a Taproom!
Who if they have a waterfront property would want to pay to stand alongside Tradies and Riff Raff and pay $8 a beer when they can pull a coldie out of the fridge ($3 instead of $8)..throw a steak on the BBQ ($8 for a 250g RibEye v $40) and still have a better view. Methinks someone from the Wild west thought we were stupid enough to fall for it. Anyway like the Aquarium, the 4th or 5th owner will make it work.

Anonymous said...

One of the arguments that was made by the Blue Water snobs (incl. a certain real estate agent and of course the shock jock) against the public housing that was to be built opposite the tavern site was that the housos all would go to the (yet to be built) pub and spend al their dole money on booze and pokies and cause mayhem. None of this eventuated of course, but that's the type of people you're dealing with. White shoe millionaires who think they're better than hard working people on low incomes. What a farce.

Anonymous said...

Annon 12:16, excellent post! Nice comparison on the prices. The Blue Water should be renamed The Brown Water. Overpriced slop served up in an overrated facility. The muppet who runs it, Mr Peter Soggy Sao's, looks like a sleazy used car salesman and acts like one also. Do yourselves a favour and put the place on your 'do not visit' list.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely Ritchie MasturBates or one of his loyal servants. Hey Councillor, go kiss some babies or do a ribbon cutting ceremony at a park or address your constituents at a town hall meeting who are concerned about the lack of tulips in the local church garden, or go collect a brown paper bag from a Developer. Fucktard!

Anonymous said...

I understand that Cairns hospital and the carpark building opposite are patrolled for suspicious activity (arsonist) since the buildings have the same cladding as the one in the U.k...

Anonymous said...

You can pay a company like " All construction approvals" (ACA) and they will get many a project, whether it be a garage on your block or a proposed block of units at Clifton beach approved. All the construction companies use them, they are worth the money to get past council regulations. I built a garage at the front of my property and the council said you can not do it. ACA said for a small fee we can get a dispensation. Money greases the palms of politicians of all persuasions. Here we think we are far superior to other countries due to their corruption, we have it too you just need to peel back the layers and you will find someone in authority with their hand out.

Jim Reaston said...

And you are a cowardly cunt

Anonymous said...

Naughty Jim using such unprofessional language. Tsk tsk tsk. Get your hormones under control biaaaatch.

Anonymous said...

Local government is one of the most corrupted forms of government there is. Lots of money on offer if the right decision is made, lots of favours to be curried, lots of kickbacks and mates rates, all on offer at the stroke of a favourable pen. The history of Cairns city council is not pretty. Lots and lots of dodgy shit over a long period of time. If the CCC and Mr Pyne were to legitimately open the can of worms they would shocked to the core. SHONKS!